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Sunday 19th May 2024:  kick-off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - Ross County v Aberdeen

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴



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The good use of the internet is to share information, pass on gratuitous advice and help people. Philanthropic altruists like me love it.


Underwear is important. It's under-rated. Almost all of us wear punts. I have discovered something in this regard that any man with a cock and balls needs to know.


They told us that M & S was the place to go for punts. For years, I've had the Autograph collection contaminating my nether regions with it's less than perfect fit and it's cheap shite material.


Then I discovered Pierre Cardin Signature Hipsters. Two pack for a tenner in Slaters a couple of months ago, a shop I've not been in for years but I bought a suit there, just for the lining actually. Since then, I bought two more packs, one white, one black but today I went the whole hog. I bought 4 packs so that's me got 14 pairs of exquisite ball-hugging class and I've just thrown out every M & S shite from my drawer, some of it fairly new. I've got an old Cardin and a Pringle so being the proud owner of 16 pairs of punts, I'm figuring even the wife can keep up that degree of turnaround from the washing machine.


I'm a new man. I look forward to waking up every day and putting on these things, first thing after the shower. If you value your manhood and seek perfection in punts, I suggest you discover these before it's too late. I've already exhausted them all in my size from one Aberdeen shelf.







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Buy Jockeys and be pleased with it. Pierre Cardin? Are you kidding us on here man? Horrendous product.

I defy any man who loves sex and who is so in tune with his own sensuality that his tackle doesn't sigh with gay abandon and heterosexual enthusiasm at the beauty of the cotton nursing his tadger. No, not badger you predictive text wank computer, I said badger. Cunt.

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