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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

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More Madrid tickets??!! or is it just lies?

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I see on the AFC site that talks are continuing with Atletico to try and secure more tickets. Who out there thinks that this is likely to happen?  (Not that im expecting to get one, being only a mere supporter). Also, how do people percieve the handling of the whole ticket allocation debacle.  For expample, would the oldfirm be happy with an allocation of 3000 in a staium that hold almost 55 000?  Surely, AFC could have contacted the supporters clubs asking them for thier ticket demand BEFORE entering into discussions?  I realise that this would mean aually COMMUNICATING with us. I dont want this to sound like sour grapes cos i dinna hae een,Im  honestly interested.


Oh and by the by, I reckon the suits at AFC can count thier luck stars that we arent as millitant as the Panathanaikos fans or all hell would be let loose!! 

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It's more than likely down to the idea that Atletico may be some way short of filling the home end, and in an attempt at reaping the rewards, Atletico are speaking to the Dons with a view to offering more tickets in the away end. It's not a difficult concept to put into action, as United consistently give us more tickets at Tannalice than they originally decided.

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How do you become a mere supporter than......buy a ticket per game, travel to away games, hold a season ticket or be involved in corporate hospitality?


All supporters in my eyes and all spending money towards Aberdeen Football Club.


Why do corporates get so much stick? We pay thousands at the end of season to secure our packages for the following year, tying us into two or three year deals. How many mere supporters stump up that kind of cash all at once and before a ball is kicjed or our team is picked.


Yes, alot of companies pay for us prawn sarnie eaters to watch the Dons......however, their are a few of us who pay our own way and are delighted to call ourself DONS FANS.



No preferential treatment was given to corporates for Madrid tickets......I didnt get one either.....so what.......i wont go the the EE bleating about it......I'll go to Madrid.....get drunk and hopefully come home with a win.


Stop bleating and get over it.


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Guest Aitkens Rowie

Still trying to claim that you pay out of your own pocket then AR?  ::)


wizna me mate, I never knew aboot here until I was invited in earlier  :wave:

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