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Atletico Madrid!

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1  GK Ismael Falcón

2  DF Yourkas Seitaridis

3  DF Antonio López

4  DF Mariano Pernía

5  MF Thiago Motta

6  MF Cléber Santana

7  FW Diego Forlán

8  MF Raúl García

9  FW Luis García

10  FW Sergio Agüero

11  MF Maxi Rodríguez (Captain)

12  DF Fabiano Eller

15  MF José Manuel Jurado

17  FW José Antonio Reyes

18  MF Maniche

19  MF Miguel

20  FW Mista

21  DF Luis Amaranto Perea

22  DF Pablo Ibáñez

23  MF Juan Valera

24  MF Simão Sabrosa

25  GK Leo Franco


They should be in the Champions League with a squad like that!!!


:o :o :o


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They do have a lot of great players so I'd take a narrow defeat to be honest (as opposed to a humiliation). At least we have them away from home, we have to hope we can take some points at home if we want to get through and that's a lot easier when we're playing the weaker two sides at Pittodrie.

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From the Atletico Madrid website.




Aberdeen Football Club made it to the UEFA Cup gr0up stage after knocking out Ucranian side Dnipro thanks to the away goal rule, as they drew at home in Scotland nil-all, and drew 1-1 in Dnipropetrovsk with the away goal giving Jimmy Calderwood’s men passage to the next stage.


The Scottish team has a certain parallelism with Atletico de Madrid, as they were created only one month before the Spanish side, concretely the 20th of March, 1903. It’s a club with enormous tradition in their country, where they’ve won 4 League titles, 7 Scottish Cups and 5 League Cups, in addition to two Drybrough Cups.


Their last title was won in the 95/96 season, when they conquered the League Cup. They also have two international trophies: the European Cup Winner’s Cup (82-83) and the European Super Cup (83-84).


It’s worth noting that Sir Alex Ferguson, the current manager of Manchester United, was the coach that directed the team during their most glorious years, at the beginning of the eighties, when he gave them three Leagues and the European Cup Winner’s Cup over Real Madrid in 1983.




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Surely Atletico are going to warm to us when they look at our history and see that we buggered their rivals in 1983?  :thumbsup:


There is a Glasgow based 'Atleti' fan that posts on this forum - http://forum.atleticomadrid.de/showthread.php?tid=1546.  Doesn't seem to like Aberdeen much.




Yes, it is now in Madrid. Can't believe these horrible bastards are going to stink up our stadium.


They are a repugnant bunch.


Prick  :hammer:

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An Atletico fan with a name like Petrovdiscoshoes. And he has the cheek to call us sticky horrible bastards! Excuse me, but Celtic fans COINED that phrase!!!!!!!!

The guy's a hun, if you read other threads...and there's more than one Petrov in the world...remind me, which team did Man City's winger MARTIN Petrov come from again?...  ;D

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Petrovsdiscoshoes is a reference of some kind to Martin Petrov, now Man City, but was at Atletic last year. However, the guy is clearly an OF fan if you read his posts and Reekie jumped to the conclusion of Petrov-Stilian and assumed he was a Tim. If you read some of his posts, however, you'll realise he IS a Hun.  :hammer:

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