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11th May 1983

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I myself am 15 and i have been thinking of what happened in gotherburg for years now. I've been looking through heaps of vids on youtube and been asking everyone around at that time what their experience of it was. (My old man isna providing much help as he was on the bog for both goals and is indeed...a tim lol.


But i wondered if you far more worldy-wise guys on here could share your experiences of that day like where you were and how that night felt and how the celerations went down when the goals and final whistle came and bassically everything that happened that night in Aberdeen or elsewhere. (would be majic to hear from any1 that was actually in gothenburg)


Please post you're experiences as it will make a wondering 15 year old wish he was there cheers

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I was in Gothenburg, I was 9 years old at the time and was there with my mum and dad.

It was really wet that night, we were suprised the game went ahead. I wanted to go home at half time because I was so wet and cold, my dad thankfully told me I would regret it for the rest of my life. I dont remember very much about the game but do remember the free kick near the end which Real got to retake. We could not watch. I remember the final whistle my dad running down the front and leaving me and my mum. I could not see for the crowd of people and some guy picked me up and put me on his shoulders saying loon you will not forget this night.

After the match some drunk guy came into our hotel  room totally naked and said oops sorry wrong room LOL.

I wonder if he or the guy who picked me up come on here atall.


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I was only 10 at the time, but will always remember it as if it was yesterday.


Just an awesome night for a provincial club like Aberdeen.


Probably never again now will we ever see a club the size of ours win a major European prize.


We did it, and no-one can ever take it away from us.


I too remember the free kick right at the end, and praying that it would come to nothing - it did and the rest, they say, is history.


I have often wondered about the weather too. Had the conditions been like that nowadays, the game would probably never have taken place, and of course, who can forget that the conditions of the pitch led to the Real penalty?


Must say, would not fancy our chances against Real Madrid now!!!!



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Memories of that night are vague, was a young kid myself, but I remember fairly bouncing around for about a week afterwards.  All the better because there were so many OF scum supporting glory-hunting twats at school who were sick as shit.


That was magic.


Watching the game again recently, and as an adult you can appreciate it all the more.  As a kid I expected us to beat Real Madrid.  I'd seen Aberdeen repeatedly rape all-comers, including the supposedly mighty Ipswich.  Aside from one blip against a very good Liverpool side there didn't appear to be troo many teams that could beat us.


So we went into the final and I think, like me, most of us actually expected a result.. despite the opposition being the biggest name in club football.  Aberdeen was scared of no-one.


I've heard a lot of excuses from bitter OF scumbags about this...


..Real didnae fancy the weather, they greet.  Well, it was just as wet for Aberdeen as it was for Real Madrid.  If the Spaniards wernae man enough to handle a bit of rain then it sucks to be them.  we'd have played them anywhere in Europe, even in Spain if they'd wanted, and we'd still have beaten them. No doubts about it.


Real didnae take it seriously, they try.  If Real didnae take it seriously then they did a damn good job of pretending they did, what with them being interested enough to get to the final.  Real took it seriously all right, otherwise they'd have been out in the early stages.


If you watch that game now, as I recently did, Aberdeen take Real apart.  It wasn't even nearly close.  Real never looked like scoring aside from their penalty, whereas Aberdeen came at them again and again, and a combination of bad luck and desperate goalkeeping and defending was the only thing between Real Madrid and a serious hiding. As a kid I'd seen Aberdeen do that so often at Pittodrie and on TV, just dominating other sides like men against boys, and at the time I didn't appreciate that we were doing it against what was supposedly the biggest club in the world and one of the best sides in Europe.


So if anyone tries to tell you that Aberdeen won because of a combination of rain and Real not being interested let me tell you they're full of shit.


Aberdeen won because they were the better team.


A far better team.


Later on Hamburg would mouth off about how they were the best side in Europe, and Aberdeen would hand them their arse as well.


On the way to those two European trophies Aberdeen beat Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and SV Hamburg.  Probably the second, third and fourth best clubs in Europe after Aberdeen,


And we didn't even invade the pitch and bring Scottish football into disrepute after we won the first of our two trophies, as a certain bunch of unwashed subhuman scum from Govan had.



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I was 12 at the time - I didn't see the game (raised on the wrong continent) but I remember my Dad getting the news and calling my Bluenose Uncle and asking him what happened to his "Mighty Rangers"?  Surely they should have won...  Ripped the pish out of him!



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