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Rich Aberdonians charter plane to follow hero Alex Ferguson & Man Utd

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WEALTHY Scots football fans have formed a high-flying Manchester United supporters' club.


The jet-setting fans from Aberdeen charter planes - rather than the more usual coaches - to take them to their team's matches.


And around 100 - paying between s275 and s500 - were at Old Trafford on Saturday to watch former Aberdeen boss Sir Alex Ferguson celebrate his 25th anniversary at the club.


The 510-mile round trip to Manchester is now a regular feature after businessman Mike Wilson put the word out among local contacts and friends.


Planes have been chartered for Euro ties and Mike, whose Epic Group specialise in corporate hospitality, has put on similar trips to the Grand National and Ryder Cup.


Businessman Craig Williamson, 29, said the cost of Saturday's trip, in which they saw United beat Sunderland 1-0, was a bargain.


He said: "It's been a great day out. It was the result everyone wanted for Sir Alex, who is fondly remembered in the north-east for leading Aberdeen to glory.


"That's why a lot of the lads still follow him to this day. He's a legend. We will never see his like again.


"These trips are really well-organised. We fly down to Manchester and a coach takes us to Old Trafford.


"We have a bite to eat, a few drinks and are back in Aberdeen in plenty of time for a Saturday night out. It's fantastic. I've even been to Portugal on a charter flight to watch United. It is really good value for money."


He added: "We may be Manchester United mad but we keep an eye on the Aberdeen results."

For the recent Manchester derby, three planeloads travelled from Aberdeen.


Epic Group spokeswoman Gillian Milne said: "It's really taken off. It's not a supporters' association or anything like that .


"There has been no advertising.


"It's just happened by word of mouth. We don't like to talk about money but I will say it is really good value."

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Certainly has.


Probably just been highlighted due to Fergie's 25 year benchmark.


My old man's been on a few trips with Wilson through corporate packages and to be honest I can't really blame folk for do so either.



Folk can spend their money on fitever they like I suppose. It's a shame that they're not as mad about AFC football club. I admit I do go to EPL games but I've always been an Aberdeen season ticket holder and I've not missed a home game to do so. Aberdeen are always number 1 despite the club having a history of not thinking fans are very important.  ::)

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Big woops - doesn't bother me in the slightest.


Nae different to folk who decide to spend a Saturday at B&Q, the rugby or fishing - folk have other interests apart from AFC, even if they are from Aberdeen.


If you want to get all "loose women" psychological and shit - they probably have something missing in their lives, a bit like old firm fans, that they feel they need to buy into success and make up tenious reasons for their support... but it takes all sorts, especially in these days of EPL superfandom and it nae mattering where in the world yer from.


What anyone decides to do with their money is their own choice - personally I'd rather spend it on booze, fine food, watches, jackets, trainers, performance parts and super-unleaded for the cars or a new surfboard. (Woops, and Aberdeen FC obviously, even though all i've contributed in a year is my red tv sub :-[ )



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