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New board member at AFC

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From the P&J:


Welsh grasps the nettle


NEW ENERGY: Aberdeen needs to be more innovative in generating revenue, says Colin Welsh. Kevin EmslieHe calls it a thankless task and knows he is opening himself up to criticism the like of which he has never before encountered.


Following an offer to join the board at Aberdeen Football Club, Colin Welsh let his heart rule his head.


The 51-year-old is a respected member of the business community. Chief executive officer at financial adviser to the energy sector Simmons and Company in Aberdeen, Welsh is comfortable in his day job. It takes him to his company’s offices in London, Houston and Dubai and he is also involved in charitable work with the Maggie’s Appeal, leading the fundraising effort to build a care centre in Aberdeen for people who have cancer.


Hopefully this will give some new impetus at board level, lord knows it was getting stale.

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Would it be churlish to ask why it has taken us till 2011 and a potential new stadium to pursue this kind of investment and make an appointment to the board like this?


Not at all.


If this is the AFC board having their eureka moment - "let's approach oil and energy companies!" - then it's years later than it should have been.

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