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Supporters' Clubs' Meeting with AFC

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Don't see why this shouldn't be posted on here rather just around SC members:

Notes on the Pittodrie meeting of Supporters’ Group representatives


19th February 2011




Sixteen different groups were represented at the meeting, hosted by Chris Gavin, also attended by Stewart Milne, Duncan Fraser and John Morgan. Supporters Clubs were asked to forward any topics for discussion in advance.


Key points arising were:


1. It was suggested that the Chief Executive of the SPL, Neil Doncaster, and Stewart Regan of the SFA could attend a future meeting.


Action – They will be invited to a future meeting but this would take place as a bigger forum to a larger audience of AFC fans.


2. It was asked whether the club have considered displaying the new stadium plans etc. in the central belt


Action – It is not practical to do such a big display as was available in Aberdeen but the Club will ensure that all plans on public display in Aberdeen are available online on RedWeb.


3. Many fans had problems at the recent away match at Inverness with not enough turnstiles open and big queues. They only had a small portacabin open and took time to open turnstiles even after seeing the queues.


This is a query which needs to be addressed with Inverness. Tickets were on sale 3 weeks before the game available from the ticket office and an e-mail went out to supporters clubs informing them of this. Inverness have said this is the biggest walk up they have ever had at a game - around 800 – and as we had only sold 200 tickets through the ticket office beforehand they were not expecting such a crowd. Going forward they will be advised at the pre-ops meeting to open turnstiles and not to use the portacabin.


4. The scheduling of Scottish Cup ties was the next topic to be discussed. It was noted that had the Dunfermline game been a draw then the replay would have been on the same day as the Scotland v Northern Ireland game.


Action – The fixture back log was the cause for any possible replay being held at such short notice. It was however agreed that it should have been announced more clearly in advance, especially as it was the same day as the Scotland game. In future, dates of potential replays will be publicised clearly on our website.






5. It seems some supporters are unhappy about treatment received by stewards and police at home games, especially against the old firm. Banners and flags were also discussed.


Action –There were seven arrests made in the Celtic section in connection with behaviour and the flares let off at Pittodrie earlier this month. There were no arrests in the home areas of the ground. Any problems with stewards should be reported to John with their badge number. John also said that he is willing to meet with supporters to discuss any issues they may have with regards to Operations. With regards to flags and banners it has been agreed that the first 14 or so rows of section Y in the South Stand can be used for flags. Also anyone wishing to put a flag or banner up at the Richard Donald Stand can let John know. These can be left up for 2-3 months at a time and then swapped for new ones. These will only be put up by AFC staff for safety reasons.


6. A question and answer session with Stewart Milne, Duncan Fraser and Chris Gavin then followed. Issues discussed included the funding for the new stadium, traffic and parking for the new stadium and the current topic of league restructuring. There was a wide ranging discussion of these topics with many different views being expressed. Because of this the meeting overran by some twenty minutes.


7. At the end of the meeting Chris Gavin reminded representatives that it would be helpful if they make the mintutes available to their members. He also suggested that the minutes will go on the Club website and asked if it would be acceptable to representatives for some filming to be done at the next meeting - this was agreed.


Date of next Meeting: Saurday 9th April at 11 a.m.


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Always reminds me of Works Committee meetings, where the daftest most irrelevant questions get asked! Why are they asking AFC about Inverness' ticketing arrangements?

The important stuff like funding and parking for the new gaff gets glossed over in aob at the end!!

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