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McGhee curbs players drinking

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McGhee in sensible instruction to players shocker  :thumbsup:




ABERDEEN FC boss Mark McGhee has banned his players from having even one drink if they're driving.


McGhee revealed his tough stance as he backed a Grampian Police campaign to keep people safe behind the wheel this winter.


The manager is as strict with his side as he is with his two sons, Ben and Mark.


He said: "My sons and my players know my policy - they have no drink and take the car or if they do drink, they don't drive.


"There's no ambiguity and no room for error.


"They don't drink and drive. I'm trying to educate them."


The 53-year-old agreed to front Grampian Police's Winter Safe Journey Campaign. And yesterday, he let officers check over his Mercedes CL500 for its suitability to tackle frozen winter roads.


The coupé passed the test, with enough oil in its engine, windscreen washer and air in its tyres.


McGhee - dad to Mark, 28, ben, 24, and archie, two - said he was promoting road safety because of his kids and his job.


He said: "I felt when I was asked to support this that I should because Aberdeen has such a body of supporters who travel the country.


"They'll be going this weekend to Glasgow and next weekend, and there will be Inverness supporters coming down to us.


"That's a lot of people on the roads because of us and I want them to get to where they're going safe and sound."


The road safety initiative is run by Grampian Police, Northern Constabulary and drinks firm Diageo.


It's being headed by Grampian's road policing chief inspector Ian Wallace and will run from November to February.


Football boss Mark said he would continue to back safe driving on Scotland's roads, particularly after a drink.


He said: "People are now becoming much more aware that even after drinking the night before driving, they can still be at risk.


"Being careful is something I would recommend to my boys and to everyone.


"We don't want anyone causing accidents.


"People are dying and we need to be careful."

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Cunts shouldnt be drinking anything anyway.


I thought the players had been banned from drinking anything already. Fairly sure I remember Langfield making comments about being pleased and the Daily Record calling him a 'reformed character' or something along those lines.

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McGhee.... "let officers check over his Mercedes CL500 for it's suitablity to tackle frozen winter roads"


Are Mercedes nae rear wheel drive and therefore all totally shit on frozen winter roads?  :-\


Totally agree re nae drink at all when driving. As others have said, thought McGhee had telt all players to curb their alcohol intake many months ago?  :-\

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