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McGhee: Aberdeen can only get better

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Mark McGHEE insists his table-topping Aberdeen side can maintain their title challenge because they will get better as the season goes on.


The Dons scored a first home openingday for 16 years by beating Hamilton 4-0 and boss McGhee said: "I'm not going to make any daft predictions about still being top of the SPL next May, we've only won one match.


"But the longer we stay at this end of the table, the more confidence will be lifted and the harder we will become to beat.


"There is much more to come from this team and these players.  I'm hoping that's what it will be like from now on and that it is going to get better as the players become used to each other and the new way of playing.


"The most encouraging thing is I know many of the players who beat Hamilton can only improve.


"I am excited by the thought of what the future could hold for us.


"With a fair wind behind us and everyone staying fit, we will have a far greater opportunity of doing very well."



Hmmm typical daily retard pish putting words into McGhees mooth.

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Yes cause on Red TV he said he was not getting carried away, it was only one game and for all the positives he also saw a few negatives that on another day might have led to the opposition scoring.


Said the same thing in his BBC interview. I thought he came across very well and said the things he needed to say.

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