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Yoann Folly signs

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Aberdeen have this morning completed the double signing of Yoann Folly and Scott Vernon.


Yoann has been on trial at Aberdeen for the last couple of weeks and has impressed in the pre-season games. The defensive midfielder started his career at Saint-Étienne before he was brought to the UK by Gordon Strachan who was the then Southampton manager. Paul Sturrock then took him to Sheffield Wednesday and then to Plymouth. Folly represented France at youth level before making his senior debut for Togo in 2008.


How pleased are you to have signed a permanent deal with the club?


"Yes. I am really pleased. I have been working hard for the past few weeks trying to impress the people at the club and the staff. I am really pleased that it worked out here.


How are you getting on with the rest of the guys?


"They have all been brilliant. It has been really good to be with them. Everyone has been nice with me and the other trialists so there was no problem there.


Does it add responsibility to yourself the fact that you are one of the oldest in the squad?


"When you get older you get new responsibilities. I think I have the responsibility to be the protector in the team and to be the security around the younger players.


Did you know much about Scottish football before you came on trial here?


"A couple of players from Plymouth who have been saying good things about the club. I also have other friends who are playing in the SPL. So I am in contact with them and I knew about the Scottish league.


Any targets for the new season?


"They have obviously come out of a hard year. I will hopefully help to get the club back up in the top 6 where we belong.


What can you add to the Aberdeen squad?


"I play defensive midfield. I can bring some balance if I am playing with someone who is more offensive. I can help to organise the play.


What can you expect from the game tomorrow?


"I think you can expect a battle. They will give us a tough game.


Have you been impressed by the younger players in the squad?


"Was really impressed by the whole squad. I obviously did not know the ages of the players so when I asked around and I was surprised to see how young most of the squad were."

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Guest Scarface

To me, Folly sounds like nonsense, a ridiculous idea, absurdity, daftness, foolishness, idiocy. A dumb thing to do, if you will.

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Mark Kerr wasnt shit, he was lazy. Not too sure aboot this Folly loon, but will have to see what he does. Good for the puns anyway.



No he was most definately shit.


I don't think he was lazy. He always ran and ran - He just ususally left the ball behind.

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Mark Kerr wasnt shit, he was lazy. Not too sure aboot this Folly loon, but will have to see what he does. Good for the puns anyway.


Lazy is one of the things Kerr was not. He'd run around all day winning the ball, it's just that when he got the ball he was unable to find a teammate so was off running after the ball again.

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