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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

I really hope the wasters read this

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UNACCEPTABLE. This was the worst performance by an Aberdeen side in many a long year.


For all the poor players in poor teams to have gone before, none has so poorly displayed its lack of basic skills with such a total lack of application, disinterest and disdain for the club’s supporters and for the sport.


The players trotted on to the pitch with summer holidays on their minds and, as far as the supporters are concerned, they can stay away as long as they like.


The four points Aberdeen have collected since the split secured the club’s SPL future. But if the players think they are entitled to put down their tools early, that smacks of the slack, unprofessional, mickey-taking attitude which put them in relegation trouble in the first place.


No match is ever meaningless when 7,000 people have paid good money to turn up and watch it.


Footballers may not like us, the supporters, but they would do well to remember that it is the fans who provide their very large pay packets.


Aberdeen’s laziness was exemplified by the freedom afforded to the visiting side. Hamilton’s Alex Neil, Martin Canning and Mark McLaughlin were allowed to play Ole passes across their own box inside the game’s first hour.


Most of the Reds outfielders were content to just take up space on the pitch – but even that was too much trouble for Richard Foster and Zander Diamond.


Only Jamie Langfield provided the saving grace. Without the Dons keeper’s excellence the Accies tally would have been much higher.


The Dons defenders were clearly so scunnered of season 2009-10 at Pittodrie they put in the sort of token, obvious fouls which would inevitably lead to their being banned from what remained of it, sparing their reputations from being further dragged through the mud by association with their lead-swinging colleagues.


The red-carded Reds will be here next season but, thankfully, many of their fellow wasters will not. They won’t have impressed potential employers with this no-show. They will find they have unrealistic expectations of their next contract – but that is no concern of Aberdeen’s. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Chris Crighton in the P&J.

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The trouble is, they clearly have little pride in themselves so scathing articles using words with more than 2 syllables and sentences with more then 2 information carrying words will be of little concern to the cunts.


McGhee could do with that tattooed to the inside of his fucking eyelids though.

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