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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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Maguire in the Record

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CHRIS Maguire will for ever be remembered as the one who destroyed Robbie Keane's debut for Celtic and started Tony Mowbray's downfall.


But he would rather stay lodged in the memory for being the man who helped keep Kilmarnock in the SPL and guaranteed the club's survival.


You could say it's all right for Maguire no matter what happens between now and the end of the season. But he wouldn't like it if you did.


He might be on loan at Rugby Park and scheduled to return to Aberdeen in time for the start of next season but he would hate that state of affairs to be misconstrued as meaning he didn't care about Killie's fate.


He said: "I never forget that I couldn't get a game at Pittodrie and Kilmarnock gave me a chance to play on a regular basis.


"Killie's cause is my cause until the end of the season and I want to make sure my mates stay up with their jobs intact."


Kilmarnock's high level of debt's a matter of public record and chairman Michael Johnston previously admitted demotion to the First Division might test the club's ability to stay in business.


Maguire wants to help allay those fears now he's settled his own concerns about Aberdeen staying in the Premier League.


He shared in the widespread relief that followed last weekend's 1-0 win for the Dons over Falkirk, a result that ended their relegation worries.


He said: "I was pleased for everyone, myself included, when that happened. That game showed the importance of getting the first goal in these matches after the split. They're nervous occasions and they can really get to some people."


Maguire reduced Celtic to nervous wrecks when he scored the goal that obliterated their masterplan to sign Keane and let him be the catalyst for a championship surge. It was bravery in the line of fire and against all the odds, which is why he would like to see a repeat performance when Kilmarnock play St Mirren in Paisley this weekend.


He said: "We're down to the nitty-gritty stuff and I didn't think we'd be in this position after that win over Celtic.


"The team went on a run immediately after that but it didn't last. What's happened since then is proof you can take nothing for granted.


"Sometimes I think we're too nice as a team. We need to get our sleeves rolled up and develop a mean streak.


"It's time to do everything possible to get Kilmarnock out of the situation they're in."


Maguire has already shown his mental strength, being the Celtic supporter from youth who delighted in turning Keane's dream move into a nightmare.


Now he wants to give that fairytale start a happy ending which suits Kilmarnock and allows him to leave them with a clear conscience.

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That's a bit cheeky from Maguire, the bit about us nae playing him and Killie using him every week.


There's a reason why we put you on-loan, min. Yer a good player, hence why we didnae want to sell you. But we wanted you to get first-team experience so you could come back a bit better. If we didnae like you, we woulda sold you.





Wouldn't we???

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