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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Managers since Sir Alex


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      P W D L Win%


Ferguson 288 167 71 50 57.99

Smith/Scott 117 63 35 19 53.85

Porterfield 71 35 27 9 49.30

Ferguson/Knox 15 7 5 3 46.67

W. Miller 124 53 45 26 42.47

Calderwood 227 94 60 73 41.41

Aitken 124 50 31 43 40.32

Skovdahl 159 54 37 68 33.96

Paterson 68 23 13 32 33.82

Smith 23 7 7 9 30.43

A. Miller 43 11 13 19 25.58

McGhee 34 8 10 16 23.53

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McGhee needs to win twice as many games in the next 34 as he has in his first 34 to be considered as good as a drunk gambling addict, or get three wins and three draws in his next nine games to equal the record of a manger some fans suspect of trying to deliberately destroy Aberdeen and the rest at least concede did more to harm the club than anyone before or since.


Given the evidence, if McGhee is given SIGNIFICANT funds, it will rank up with the money given to the previously mentioned as one of the worst boardroom decisions in football history by a board not exactly blessed with having made a good choice, ever.


Still at least he's attended every game of his tenure and didn't swap Lee Miller and £700k for Sandaza ;D

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I think a lot of us thought McGhee was a good appointment, not everyone.


Where as I would say everyone thought Miller was a bad appointment and nobody wanted him in the first place. He also sold Dodds/bought Winters in one of the worst transfer deals in recent history!

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