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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 - ¬†ūüŹīů†Āßů†ĀĘů†Ā≥ů†Ā£ů†Āīů†ĀŅ Scotland v ūüá®ūüá≠Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

Your Starting XI

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God knows what JC will do now that Clark and Barry are suspended, especially given his love of the tombola, but what do you think we should start with in 12 days time?

I'll have a go:



McNamara Hart Diamond Foster

De Vischer Seve Touzani J.Smith

Lovell Miller



Soutar (GK), Mair, Considine, Maguire, D.Smith, Mackie and someone else (NOT BREWSTER)

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Guest dundee_red

I'd go with



Hart  Mair  Considine  Foster

JdV  Seve  McNamara

J Smith

Miller  Lovell


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Guest Donofthered

Its still not clear if Clark and Barry will play or not so I will include them.


                    Langfield (WE NEED A NEW KEEPER  :hammer:)


McNamara    Hart    Diamond    Foster


De Visser    Nicholson  Severin  Smith


              Miller        Lovell












If Clark and Nicholson are out, I would put Smith in the middle and maybe play Maguire on the left.  Bring in Dan Smith and Touzani onto the bench.



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GK.........................I just dont know


Rb..... Hart

CB.... Diamond

CB.... Mair/Considine

LB.... Macnamara


Hart is best at right back and i think Diamond will come good this year.


RM.... De Visscher

CM.... JAmie Smith

CM.... Severin

LM.... Foster


i only have foster in their because clark and nicholson will be suspended


CF.... Lovell

CF.... Miller


our best partnership IMO. feeding off De Visscher, Smith and Nicholson this year they should bag quite a few between them.

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          Mair      Considine


Hart                            MacNamara

        Seve      De Visscher

            J. Smith


        Lovell    Miller




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Guest Donofthered

jackie hasnae played on the left at all since being with us.

He won't be anywhere except RB.


As for the nugget that Brewster in the squad......noooooooooooooooooooooo


On the bench and he doesn't have to play! Who would you rather have, Derek Young?  At least Brewster used to be good.

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GK- Soutar (Although desperately need a keeper, whats story with schmeichel?)

RB- Hart

LB- Foster

CB- McNamara

CB- Diamond/Mair/Considine (Don't know how good Mair is)

RM- Smith

CM- Seve

CM- Nicholson

LM- Clark (He is totally underrated, one of our best and most consistent perfomers over past 2years)

CF- Miller

CF- Derek Young (HAHA only kidding, go with Lovell)



Kelly (GK)


The other two centre halves who don't start



De Visscher

Brewster (Still can add something late in a game)


Depends on how good De Visscher is though, sounds promising from match reports.

Add a decent keeper and it's looking good, much stronger squad than last year. Even though I had a feeling of impending doom when Russell left.

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GK.... langfield (preferably someone new though)


RB..... mcnamara

CB.... Diamond

CB.... hart

LB.... foster



RM.... De Visscher/smith

CM.... nicholson

CM.... Severin ©

LM.... clark



CF.... Mackie

CF.... Miller/ lovell



mackie, although mises a few chances has been top scorer 2/3 seasons in a row and is fantastic in my opinion






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GK.... Langfield (because what other choice do we really have?)


RB..... McNamara

CB.... Hart

LB.... Foster



RW.... Clark

CM.... Nicholson

CM.... Severin (JC, don't waste him in defence, please!! He's one of the most effective midfielders we have)

LW.... De Visscher


CAM... J Smith


CF.... Lovell

CF.... Miller/ Mackie


Bench: Kelly; Diamond (still has to prove himself, tbh); Considine; Mair; Maguire; Brewster; Miller/Mackie


(note no place on the bench for Young yet. That boy has to do a HELL of a lot of work to get into my good books)

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