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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Violinists and Road Sweepers

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Bill Shankly said that for a team to have the right balance, it needed four violinists and seven road sweepers.


If anyone has a fucking clue what he was talking about, let me know, eh??



No, in all seriousness, if Shankly is right,  we need 4 guys who can create, score goals etc on a fairly frequent basis and 7 who can back them up, enable them to produce the bits of magic required to win us matches.  I suppose a good example of his theory would be our team in 89-90, the violinists being Bett, Nicholas, Gillhaus and Mason perhaps, the defence did the dirty work in keeping out the opposition, Grant and Connor backed up the guys in front of them and their game enabled Bett and Mason to thrive.


So, in the current side, do we have players who can claim to be "violinists"?  In fact, do we have any who could claim to be adequate road sweepers?


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Aluko is probably a violinist, but sadly the strings are broken.

Pawlett a genuine candidate for a violinist though.


Lee Miller was a road sweeper, as I believe that's what he had to do after being sent off.


I would have said pawlett and Fyvie are.


Lee Miller didn't move as quickly as a road sweeper.

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Pawlett - aye.  Fyvie - not yet.


Aluko looked the part once - but has gone backwards this season.



Diamond.  Mulgrew - if we could  work out where to play him.  Clangers.  Paterson.  Paton?


McDonald and Kerr looked the part once - for other teams.


Not quite roadsweepers:

Ifil - tries hard to do the right thing...just lacking. 

Young - works hard enough...just lacking.



Just shite:

Considine.  Lazy, up himself, stupid.

Mackie.  Zero composure.





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