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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Just Back In/Where do we go from here?

glasgow sheep

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Oh my god, what to say?


We seemed to start ok and scored before the game really got started.  From that point onwards however we were a disgrace. Uninterested. No Invention or craft. No fight and desire. No direction. No cohesion. Chopping and changing of formations and positions. Some truly horrific challenges. And swept aside by a poor Falkirk team, seemingly cut a drift at the bottom of the league with our defence completely incapable of dealing with Showunmi.


I will exclude Fyvie from this, he is a very young loon and seemed to be the only one really busting a gut to win back balls and looking to move in to space.  The rest were a complete embarrassment. They may not like the manager.  They may not like us.  Hell they may not even like the team or each other. But you would expect that they would have some professional pride.  Some kind of desire to show that they are deserving of the generous wage they receive each week.  Some belief in their ability and a desire to show those that have given them so much abuse over the last week are wrong.  Instead we got a spineless performance by a team with no confidence, no desire, no fight and no self respect. 


McGhee doesn't escape from this debacle without criticism either.  A ridiculous 4231 formation to start with. Paton out wide with Mackie through the middle.  His persistence with Kerr and McDonald. And his lack of ideas and resignation to defeat.  Fuck knows what his half time talk was but it had the the effect of the square root of fuck all.


I may have had a few beers but believe me when I say we are in serious trouble.  Many times over the last 15 years I have commented about the lack of desire, belief and fight in the team and of the growing apathy of the support.  Several times we have made changes that have arrested this decline or been lucky enough to escape the ultimate humiliation.  However if we don't start turning things around very soon relegation could be a serious possibility.  If we get into a dog fight we will lose, no question about it.  Killie are rejuvenated under Calderwood. St Johnstone have a vibrant young team with a promising manager.  St Mirren and Hamilton have been through this before, are full of fighters and have bullish mangers who know the script (although they are cunts). And Falkirk have turned us over twice and perhaps have a boost with the change of manager.


In 1994/95 the fans, team and city united to fight our way out of the nightmare of relegation.  "Never Again" we said. Little did we know what the coming decade would bring us.  If the same thing happens this year will we really take thousands to away grounds and pack out Pittodrie with 18,000 dandies?  Folk just don't give a fuck any more.  The last 2 years has seen the numbers going to games in our group drop dramatically.  There were four of us there today...3 years ago we would have had more than that travelling to Pittodrie for Falkirk games.  I dread to think how small the crowd will be on Saturday for Hearts.  Sub 7,000 isn't out the question.  The support is riven with division while many walked away from today with barely a "meh".


I hope McGhee can turn things around.  I hope this is a knee jerk, semi-drunk reaction.  Only a couple of weeks ago we were basking in 4 wins from 5 and the hammering of Hearts.  What the fuck has happened?  Has McGhee lost the dressing room?  Is this just a blip (please).  The problem is that that whatever the reason the pressure will grow and grow on the team and the management.  And they have demonstratively shown they can't cope with the pressure. 


Come on afc prove me wrong.

And Kerr and McDonald FUCK OFF NOW!

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Our remaining pre-split fixtures:


Aberdeen v Hearts,

Hamilton v Aberdeen,

St Johnstone v Aberdeen,

Aberdeen v Dundee Utd,

Rangers v Aberdeen,

Aberdeen v St Mirren,

Kilmarnock v Aberdeen,

Aberdeen v St Johnstone,


On paper not the worst run of fixtures but if we don't get results in the next two games I would be seriously concerned about where the next win is coming from...may St Mirren at home, apart from that....

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I agree with your main point mate, if we get dragged into a relegation dogfight the fans will not support the team like we did before. The fans are gone with the team now, the crowd will defo be under 8,000 next Saturday, I would say nearer 7,000. To get the point home I would actually hope that less than that came out, maybe then Milne and Co would wake up to the decline that we're currently watching.


As for the last split games I have stopped predicting, I could not imagine us losing to Raith and Falkirk (twice within a month) so fuck knows what to expect now.

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Done with away games this season. Cant be assed if the players are going to put in a shift like that.


Hamilton will be the first away game in about 3 or 4 years that I've missed through choice. Even next week at home to Hearts. I have a suspicion I'll be tempted to just roll out of my bed onto the sofa to watch on TV instead of making the short trip to Pittodrie.


They're just not worth it.

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Folk just don't give a fuck any more.  The last 2 years has seen the numbers going to games in our group drop dramatically.  There were four of us there today...3 years ago we would have had more than that travelling to Pittodrie for Falkirk games.


We only had two through. As you say a couple of years ago we would have had many more through about ten times that many. Its not a recent thing though, I would say it the semi final against QotS was the tipping point. However recently its just went into freefall.

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