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How very bitter.

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The Judgement is here; he lost. Dodgder sold some land which had a profit share after development written into the contract so he sold it intra-stewart milne group to another company in his group at a knockdown price and tried to deprive the council of the profit share etc.



It's interesting that someone who's real reason for moving from Pittodrie is to realise the money from building flats there has met with little or no resistance from aberdeen fans, and who must rely upon the goodwill of the council to - crazily - fund AFC's new stadium and no doubt give his company the contract, would at the same time try to do the council out of a profit share on land, which was written into a contract. He must think he is absolutely untouchable, the wiggy little scrote.


As for McGhhee, well, he's a bawbag, a hot air balloon publicity merchant and known premature ejaculator when it comes to his football teams. If aberdeen are any good next season rest assures they'll be utterly tam kite the season after. I doubt they'll be very good next season anyway, as he looks on enviously towards darkheid.


What is it with aberdeen fans? They lie prostrate in front of milne, offerin scant resistance as he takes them for another ride, they still love willie miller, after failed chip shops and a "business empire" came tumbling around his incompetence, he ran back to the dons and now commands a strange degree of control, the accepted hun lapdogs tango and sash and now will be welcoming mcghhee who advertises his love for sellick across the backpages as if they were lonely hearts columns.


Brilliant. Whats Vladimir Romanov upto these days?

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Jesus. What a bunch of utter fuckwits. They make FollowFollow look just semi-retarded rather than completely retarded.


They go on about how McGhee is only in it to build his stock in time for moving up to Celtic. Yeah, like Casa Blanca is a Hearts fan!!!! Wake up you fake hun wankers, the ONLY two managers who are currently managing sides they genuinely support are Walter Smith and, now, John Hughes.


McGhee is as much an Aberdeen fan as a Celtic fan. If I were offered a job from two companies, both of whom I liked equally, I'd take the one who offered me the most money. I don't hold that against McGhee, afterall we would all do it (not the Celtic job ... nor the Aberdeen job, for that matter, hehe). But he's admitted that he is relishing the chance to come back to Aberdeen, so I'm happy with that. If he has an awesome year and Celtic want him, then they can buy him off us.


If he has an okay year but Celtic are happy to keep whoever they keep, I'm sure McGhee will be happy to stay at Aberdeen.

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