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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 20 August - kick-off 3pm

St Johnstone v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

hearts fans on saturday

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Not been much about this mentioned on any dons sites but the jambos on keekback seem to have made a big thing about this.  On saturday, yet again, stuff was getting chucked over the fences in the SS.  From the kickback thread (http://www.jamboskickback.co.uk/showthread.php?t=33585&page=2) it looks like it was mainly from the hearts end, and to be fair most are condeming these idiots out right (although some are blaming us for starting it due to alleged monkey noises).  However still a few twats making comments like:

wish i had thrown sumthing like a coin because i tried to throw my scarf onto barry nicholson wen he was walking off with a sore elbow (awwwww) but it sadly missed




Lets all go to Hearts games, sit on our seats for 90 mins, take our kids, sing songs like 'when the Hearts go marching in'.


Sectarianism is not tolerated in a civilised society, please dont take this as promoting or apologising for singing such songs.


But football is more than a game, it is what men used to do on a Saturday, it was the whole afternoon. We dont want a sterile, family environment. Football should be intimidating, aggressive and masculine.


While I like the banter and rivalry we have in football the line has to be drawn somewhere.  I do however wonder if the fences at pittodrie do infact exacerbate this problem, as these idiots know fine well that none of the other fans can get to them.  Every other ground in the SPL has removed these fences, why don't we.  The OF manage to seperate their fans with an empty row or two and a bit of tarpaulin.  Every time we play one of the "big" sides shit like this seems to happen, yet I have never experienced it when we have shared stands at parkhead, tyncastle, easter rd or ibrox (since we were moved to the corner).

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Yeah I've been thinking this as well mate, the fences are just stupid, not only do they impede people's view of the game but they do seem to encourage this violence at Todders. When sitting in the very last seat next to the Huns at ibrox last season when Seve scored I had a cracking view of the game, had I been in  the same seat at Pittodrie I would have had to peer through the fence.


Maybe someone should write to the club about this, I think that it almost makes the police more compacent as well as they know the fence is there so they dont really have to do very much. Everytime I've been in the SS all they seem to do is lean on the barriers and chat to one another, also there are stewards there as well whereas at Ibrox it's all police.

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The fact the Police are there at Ibrox negates the need for the fence but since Aberdeen FC are cash conscious, chances are the fence is part of football far a while yet.


On the other hand, had the game been at Tannadice, upon Lovell scoring such a cracking goal, you'd have been barked at to "Sit Down"! ::)

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I was near the fence for the Hearts game, but sure as hell didn't hear any monkey noises coming from our end.  ???


I did happen to see a 2 pence piece flying from the Hearts fans and missing the SS linesman by a few yards. The linesman didn't notice it at all - I felt like picking it up and showing it to him but would probably get lifted wandering on to the track!



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I was close to the fence and clearly saw at least two coke cartons being lobbed over form the hearts end.

The guy in the row in front of us also got hit on the forehead by something, didnt see was that was but it was enough to draw blood.


As for monkey noises....utter rubbish.

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Hearts fans are mental. That wasn't a riot. There were no monkey noises.


You have to feel for them putting themselves through that shit every week with the soap opera in between games.


As for the boy that threw his scarf at Nicholson, I noticed that at the time he missed by miles.

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I was also near the fence.


There were no monkey noises.


A pie did appear to get lobbed into the mini huns, however at least three coins, two juice cartons and a few pies came back the other way into the Aberdeen support, in which there were children.


The hearts fans who were visible, were visibly scum, some of them too steaming to stand and with their Union Jacks out.  At one point they attempted a 'charge' at the fence, but the wank in the above video put an end to that when they shit it and all sat down again.  Why oh why they think filming the police filming them with their phones will accomplish anything I do not know.



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Guest uni_don

I was sitting with a mate in RDU upper and he pointed out to me that stuff was getting chucked over the fence in the SS.  I looked over and watched for a while with great amusement as the muppet in the video was escorted out.  There were some shenanigans, but a riot?  Nah, a bunch of pansies.

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