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Thursday 30th November 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

HJK Helsinki v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Interesting article on Aberdeen-MAD

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Half the SPL could be set for UEFA competition next season, as long as the teams are on their best behaviour.


SCOTLAND could be looking at having six teams knocked out at involved in the first stage of European competition next season.


And Aberdeen is set to be guaranteed a Europa League place if things stay as they are in UEFA and the SPL's respective Fair Play leagues.


Scotland sits in third place in the UEFA Respect Fair Play league, and if that is still the case in May, the SPL will receive one of the three extra Europa League places.


And with Aberdeen currently the cleanest side in the league (see table, below), the Dons would automatically benefit from the extra place.


Here is the Europa League (formerly UEFA Cup) places definitively explained (are you reading BBC Sport?)... Deep breath...


The third and fourth-placed teams in the SPL enter the Europa League qualifying stages alongside the Scottish Cup winners.


If two of the teams who finish in the top four reach the Scottish Cup final, the European place will be awarded to whoever finishes fifth in the SPL.


The Scottish Cup winners will enter at the play-off round with the third-placed team in the third qualifying round and the fourth-placed side entering at the second qualifying round stage.


If the Dons qualify for Europe and boast the best disciplinary record, the fair play place will be awarded to the next best team which has not already secured European football. If an SPL team qualify via the fair play rating, it will begin its European campaign at the first round which begins on July 2.


The Europa League, which replaces the Uefa Cup, will have 48 clubs in 12 groups of four, with the top two in each joining the eight third-placed clubs from the Champions League in a 32-club knock-out stage.


SPL Disciplinary Table 08/09

Team R Y

Aberdeen 1 38

Hibernian 1 39

Inverness CT 1 40

Dundee Utd 1 41

Celtic 2 29

Kilmarnock 2 60

Motherwell 3 30

St Mirren 3 33

Rangers 3 36

Hamilton 5 40

Falkirk 5 41

Hearts 6 34


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I do agree with you. But if we're going to push for second, might as well go for the league ;) What a few more points  ;D


.........and crack some skulls en route because we all know that fair play league=gay league. FFS UTD named a fucking stand after that award, I'd rather not be in Europe than get there through being gayers.

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Apparently "fair play" is not just about bookings and sendings off if you believe this tripe taken from P&B.  Originally from http://www.xs4all.nl/~kassiesa/bert/uefa/fairplay.html so likely to be correct


The Fair Play coefficient is based on criteria such as positive play, respect for opponents and the referee, the behaviour of team officials and supporters as well as cautions and dismissals. The highest mark that can be awarded is ten points. For each association the assessements of all the matches are added together and then divided by the number of matches. Only associations that played a reasonable amount of matches are considered. This number is determined by dividing the total number of matches of all associations by the number of associations.


The fair play conduct is assessed by the appointed UEFA match delegate. Following the game he has to complete a Fair Play assessement form in consultation with the referee and the referee observer.


On the assessement form are six criteria:

Red and yellow cards: max 10 points



Deduction from a maximum of 10 points: yellow card = 1 point, red card = 3 points. Two times yellow equals red, but yellow + direct red = 4 points deduction. The total of this aspect may become negative.



Positive play: minimum 1 point, maximum 10 points



Positive aspects: attacking tactics, acceleration of the game, efforts to gain time, and continued pursuit of goals. Negative aspects: deceleration of the game, time-wasting, tactics based on foul-play, play-acting, etc. In general terms positive play correlates with the numer of goal-scoring chances created and the number of goals scored.



Respect of the opponent: minimum 1 point, maximum 5 points



Assessement should be based on positive attitudes (e.g. helping an injured opponent) rather than infringements. Double counting against the item "red and yellow cards" should be avoided. Blameless behaviour, but without any particularly positive attitude, should be assessed with a mark 4 rather than 5.



Respect of the referee: minimum 1 point, maximum 5 points



A positive attitude towards the referee (and assistant referees), including the acceptance of doubtful decisions without protest, should be rewarded. Double counting against the item "red and yellow cards" should be avoided. Normal behaviour, but without any particularly positive attitude, should be assessed with a mark 4 rather than 5.



Behaviour of team officials: minimum 1 point, maximum 5 points



Postive and negative aspects of the behaviour of team officials should be assessed. E.g. whether they calm or provoke angry players or fans, how they accept the referee's decisions, etc. Co-operation with the media should also be considered as a factor. Blameless behaviour, but without any particularly positive attitude, should be assessed with a mark 4 rather than 5.



Behaviour of the crowd: minimum 1 point, maximum 5 points



Encouragement of teams by shouting, singing, etc. may have a positive influence on the atmosphere. The spectators are, however, expected to respect the opposing team and the referee. The should appreciate the performance of the opposition even if they emerge as the winners. The must in no way intimidate or frighten the opposing team, the referee, or opposing supporters. This item is applicable only if a substantial number of fans of the team concerned are present.



Overall assessement: Add all points of the individual components, dividing this total by the maximum number of points, and multiplying the result by 10. The maximum number of points per game generally equals 40. If, however, the team is being supported by a negligible amount of fans, the maximum is 35. The general assessement should be calculated to three decimal points and not rounded up.

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Is it practical to have a UEFA deligate at all games monitoring this bullshit. Maybe that guy in the pink t-shirt at ER was actually the UEFA rep for gay play.

Turns out only one team from the top ranked country would automatically qualify to play some team in leichtenstein in July.  As Scotland are sitting third in the table we would go into the hat with 11 other countries for the two remaining places.  And even then we would need to hope they guy in the pink shirt scored afc as the fairest in the spl.


In other words lets just concentrate on finishing 3rd and let hearts, united and hibs worry about this


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