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Aberdeen slump ruined holidays for Jimmy Calderwood

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Aberdeen slump ruined holidays for Jimmy Calderwood


Jul 26 2008 By Ian Orr


SCOTT CALDERWOOD revealed his father was so gutted at Aberdeen's slump last season it ruined his summer holiday.


Jimmy was still upset the Dons missed out on a European place and failed to reach two cup finals when he joined his family for a break in Spain.


And Scott insisted his dad's reaction proved how bad he felt about not delivering the ambitions of the Pittodrie club.


Calderwood jnr said: "We were talking to each other when we were on holiday. We always go away for a bit so he can spend some time with the grandkids but he wasn't happy.


"It's a shame because he's more gutted than the supporters at how things went.


They don't see that his holiday has been ruined by what has just happened with Aberdeen.


"He was the first to admit he should have been in finals and perhaps finished third in the SPL and it's killing him as much as the fans.


"I don't know what else the supporters are expecting. He said to me he knows Aberdeen must be in finals and finish third but he's just as sick as everyone else.


"That's because he loves the club. I don't think he'd ever leave that place for another Scottish club.


"He knows how big Aberdeen are but sometimes I don't think the supporters realise how much he loves the the club.


"He also told me the club has never been better off but he's still getting little to spend. He asked me how much more he could have done in terms of the UEFA Cup."


Calderwood jnr, coach of lower league Dutch side DZC 68 beaten 5-0 by the Dons on Thursday night, has had to make his own way in the game as a player and a coach without any favours from his father.


But he's convinced this has prepared him for the challenge of becoming a successful manager in his own right.


He added: "My dad never let me win anything and gave me nothing. When I was playing under him people expected me to get into the team just because of him.


"What they forgot was I had to get past Sammy Hyypia. It's hard to better him and even harder to be better than Jaap Staam. Everything I achieved as a player I did on my own.


"I know Aberdeen quite well because I've watched them a lot and scouted for them so I know how they play.


"I'm a bit like my dad, I don't like to defend too much and despite a 5-0 defeat, we tried to play some football against Aberdeen. Sitting in isn't really my style and I wanted to show people how we could play.


"I've learned a lot from my dad through the years. I played with him at Willem II and made my debut when I was 17.


There's definitely a lot I've picked up from him but I never thought I'd actually be a manager so young.


"I've had a few bad knee injuries although maybe you've got to be honest and say you're not good enough to play at the highest level.


"It was then dad told me to get my badges. I've got one more to get "I've always been the type of guy who tells people what to do on the pitch and encourage them, so it made sense. For me this is a great club to start learning my trade.


"Sometimes managers go straight into a big job when they're not ready for it. For me this is the perfect place to start because I don't just have a team to run, I've got an entire club to take care of.


"I'm young enough to get to a decent level but it all depends what clubs you choose. I could have gone to bigger clubs in the Premier League as a No.3 but that's not for me.


"I'm just like my dad, I want to be a boss. I don't want to be third in command. I know what I want and what I want to achieve here.

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"I'm a bit like my dad, I don't like to defend too much and despite a 5-0 defeat


Doesnt sound like his dad at all to me.


I remember a few times against the likes of Falkirk where after scoring a couple of goals all thats happened has been defence defence defence.

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