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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Top young Management Team is what the Reds Need....

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Bit of a blast fae the past, but funny to think we were excited about this appointment.



Wednesday, 11 December, 2002, 13:37 GMT

Paterson named new Aberdeen boss


Paterson (left) and Shearer take over at Pittodrie

Aberdeen have appointed Steve Paterson and Duncan Shearer as their new managerial team.


The pair were officially unveiled at a media conference at Pittodrie on Wednesday lunchtime.


The current Inverness Caledonian Thistle manager and his assistant's move to Pittodrie had been Scottish football's worst-kept secret in recent days.


After 48 hours of negotiations between all of the parties concerned, a compensation deal was agreed between the Dons and Caley Thistle, which includes a friendly between the sides.


Is Paterson the right man?


Dons chairman Stewart Milne said he was delighted to be welcoming "one of Scotland's brightest young managerial talents" to the club.


Paterson admitted that it had been a wrench to leave Caley Thistle but said the move represented a chance to prove himself at a higher level.


"To me Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest club and to have the chance to manage them is a huge opportunity," he added.


Shearer, a hero as a player at the club, also said he had found it impossible to turn down the opportunity on offer.


Caretaker manager Gardner Speirs and coach Drew Jarvie will be leaving Aberdeen, following Ebbe Skovdahl out the door.


Steve and Duncan both like attacking football and will bring a positive attitude to this job


Keith Wyness

Aberdeen chief executive

The First Division club must now turn their attention to a successor to Paterson, with Dundee United coach Maurice Malpas one of the names linked with the post.


Gordon Dalziel at Ayr and Livingston coach John Robertson are other names being linked with the Highlanders.


First-team affairs will be handled by director of football Graeme Bennett and coach John Docherty in the short term.


The club had hoped to persuade Shearer to stay on to take over from Paterson once it became clear that the manager was on his way to Pittodrie.


Caley Thistle released a statement on Wednesday thanking Paterson and Shearer for the commitment they had shown the club.


The statement stated that the club had an idea of the type of man they wanted to replace Paterson and invited applications from people with managerial experience.




Aberdeen appoint Steve Paterson and Duncan Shearer as their new managerial team.


Have the Dons have made the right choice?


Inverness Caledonian Thistle management duo Paterson and Shearer have taken the reins at Pittodrie.


The pair replace the departed Ebbe Skovdahl, leaving the future of caretaker manager Gardner Speirs in doubt.


Former Dons player Shearer is already a popular figure with the fans, but Paterson will need to win them over with results.


How do you think Paterson will fare in the Aberdeen hotseat?


This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.




Good appointment, but Aberdeen need to sort out the malaise in the boardroom. The current regime has cut corners and invested badly for years, taking the club to new lows.


Sacrificing managers doesn't change the real problems at Pittodrie. Milne and Donald need to come clean about the stadium, the club's financial position (and what they are doing about it) and what they intend to do about matters on the park. That said, I'll be there on Sunday, again...

Steve Beagrie, Scotland


I honestly never saw the problem with Ebbe. In a few years the young squad he was moulding would really be an exciting prospect, and it looked as if Ebbe had them all wanting to stay and not jump ship.

Danny Paton, Belfast, Ireland


What worries me is that the Aberdeen board are prepared to face paying up to £500,000 to pay off Ebbe et al as well as the compensation agreements. All this at a time when the club are supposed to be operating in a frugal manner. It's a farcical manoeuvre.

Ewan Phipps, Scotland


Paterson has achieved superb things with a very limited budget at Caley Thistle. He has created a good attacking team and I think is a great choice for Aberdeen. We will miss him in Inverness.

Johnny Garden, Scotland


What we have needed for five years. Now we have a dynamic team at the helm again let's build on the foundations left by Ebbe, Drew, Gardner and Stuart.

Sandy Falconer, Hong Kong


Good Luck Steve. You will be missed at Caley Thistle. Thanks for seven great years.

Steve Grant, Scotland


I hope that everything Steve Paterson does is not compared to Fergie. Aberdeen fans have to be realistic that beating Real and Bayern are very much in the past. I would be happy if we went to Glasgow and looked positive.

Andrew Ballantyne, England


Paterson and Shearer will be a fantastic management team


Ewan, Scotland


It's great that Skovdahl has finally gone. The club was going nowhere under his management. Paterson and Shearer will make the Dons a top-four team again with a chance in Europe.

Graeme Paterson, Scotland


Aberdeen should have gone for Paul Daniels, as only a magician can produce a successful side with zero resources. Paterson deserves a chance though to show what he can do at the highest level in Scotland.

John Paul Forbes, Scotland


Hmm. I wonder if they can bring the enthusiasm and pats on the back combination to get the remaining prima donnas at AFC to perform...

Andrew B Davidson, Australia


The board has taken their time but finally we've got the men to do the job. Paterson and Shearer will be a fantastic management team. Pele has proven himself at Huntly and Inverness CT and Big Dunc is a Dons legend. We might not have a great season as it's still Skovdahl's team but roll on 2003-2004!!!

Ewan, Scotland


I don't care as long as the Dons IMPROVE, I'm sick of taking stick from ex-pat Rangers and Celtic fans.

George M, a lone Don, New Zealand


As a Caley fan, I am sorry to see SP & DS go - however, you cannot deny them the opportunity to test themselves at a higher level. Good luck to you both and I hope Caley get a decent team in place shortly.

Iain Stewart, England


I am happy with the appointments and have a good feeling about the managerial change at Aberdeen. My only major concern is Stuart Milne, with comments like "establish Aberdeen as a major force in Scottish and European football" he has to be joking with the lack of cash. If he is that ambitious, "show me the money".

Barry, England


There will only be one time when Aberdeen are top of the SPL - at the start of the season


Mark, Scotland


I was exceptionally sad to see Ebbe go, and only hope that Paterson and Shearer can do the job. Personally, I would have preferred Rioch or Burley, as they are more experienced, but good luck Steve and Duncan.

Keene Marin, Scotland


Paterson has proved he is a winner so let's hope he can bring some silverware to Pittodrie once more. Definitely the right man for the job.

Warren Grant, Scotland


I refer to James Henderson, England. Aberdeen top of the SPL!? There will only be one time when Aberdeen are top of the SPL - at the start of the season when a ball hasn't been kicked!!


I'll agree that Aberdeen are the third best team in Scotland but there's no way that Aberdeen will win the league while Rangers and Celtic are still playing in it.


The new management team will do well, and they might even get the odd point off the Old Firm, but I don't think that any silverware will be returning to Aberdeen in the near future - if at all. It wouldn't even matter if Fergie came back.

Mark, Scotland


The new management team will restore pride and get the players playing attacking football.

Gregor Suttie, Scotland


Although I would have liked to see George Burley take the reigns at Pittodrie, I think Paterson and Shearer are the fans' favourites. Hopefully a young management team can bond with the young squad and see them fulfil their obvious potential. It is a must to hold onto Anderson, Maguire, and the Young brothers!!

Craig, Scotland


I see a number of parallels between Steve Paterson and Fergie


Alan Robb, USA/Scotland


George Burley would have been my top choice, but I think Paterson and Shearer can do the job. Aberdeen played so well against Rangers recently that there are enough signs of hope to see the Dons climbing back up the league and, who knows, maybe even challenging the Old Firm.

Stuart Read, South Korea


Brilliant appointment by Aberdeen. At last we will see the return of exiting football at Pittodrie!

Craig Allardyce, Aberdeen


Taking Shearer along for the ride too is a masterstroke! It will deflect attention away from Paterson if the early results don't go well as Shearer is still a hero at Pittodrie. The Dons just don't have the resources at the moment to get to where Paterson wants to go though.

Martin Watt, Australia


I started supporting the Dons a few months before Fergie took over in the '70s. I see a number of parallels between Steve Paterson and Fergie - here's hoping he can make us a team to be feared, rather than pitied, again.

Alan Robb, USA/Scotland


A great choice. A pair of enthusiastic, articulate, young guys with a track record of success on a low budget and an ability to get the best out of young players. What's more, they have a passion for attacking football and, more importantly, the club.

Jim B, UK


Definitely, at least we now have a manager who wont send a team out lay down and die at Parkhead, if Caley's Thistle 3-1 stunner is anything to go by. And about time too.

Ian, Scotland


Yes, I agree that the partnership of Paterson and Shearer will be a great one for Aberdeen FC and I look forward to seeing the Dons climb up the league to where they should be. Good luck to the new Northern Lights.

Graeme Inglis, Scotland


He has inherited a side very low on confidence


Scotty C, Scotland


'Pele' will get the Dons back and ensure that Ebbe's legacy goes on! The building blocks are in place for the Dons to be back at the peak of Scottish football.


And with so much financial and potential changes vis-a-vis the Auld Firm doing one, there is a chance we could be champions and dining at the top table in five years' time. Big Dunc can also show our shot-shy kids where the goals are!

Scott Sneddon, Scotland


I think Paterson and Shearer possess the right qualities to develop the foundations Ebbe Skovdahl has laid at Pittodrie.


As sorry I was to see Ebbe leave, Paterson and Shearer were my favoured choice to take over.


I think their attacking style will work well as we have a very good defensive pairing in Anderson and MacGuire. I wish them good luck.

Ben Mullay, Scotland


He is certainly going to need time as he has inherited a side very low on confidence. Hopefully big Dunc can get our strikers scoring goals again and Steve can take it from there.


I think the majority of the fans are happy with the move and will look forward to a "positive" attitude when the Dons go to Glasgow.

Scotty C, Scotland


He is the right man for the job, but we have to accept there will not be changes overnight


John, Hong Kong


Paterson certainly has the pedigree of success within limited resources. And hopefully Shearer can help the strikers with their skills.

Calum Thornton, UK


Not sure about this one. Should have gone for a more experienced and charismatic manager such as Jim Jeffries.

Scott Maylon, Scotland


Most Aberdeen fans already know about Paterson and he was the most popular choice, so I see no reason why he would need to win over the fans.


He will be given the time to turn things around.

Paul Gray, UK


It's taken Paterson a while to achieve the good things that are happening at Inverness now. I think he is the right man for the job, but we have to accept there will not be changes overnight.

John, Hong Kong


A young duo full of enthusiasim for the club will give players some fresh motivation and hopefully herald the start of a new era for the Dons!

AndyR, Scotland


Top young management team, just what the Reds need


Alan Gordon, Scotland


Paterson has an impressive record to date, and is probably the best man for the job at Aberdeen. On the negative side, this job has proved to be a poisoned chalice for every manager since Alex Ferguson left. Good luck to him.

David Masson, Norway


I would have liked to see George Burley take them to the top of the SPL or even better John Collins, but Paterson and Shearer should be the right combination for a little long-awaited success. Come on the Dons!

James Henderson, England


Top young management team, just what the Reds need.

Alan Gordon, Scotland



My favourite EMail...


I see a number of parallels between Steve Paterson and Fergie

Alan Robb, USA/Scotland



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