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Thursday 30th November 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

HJK Helsinki v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

That season 2007/08

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Hmmm, I'm using my brain here, but at the start of the season I think I predicted this........


SPL - 5th

Scottish Cup - Semi Final

League Cup - Quarter Final

Uefa Cup - 1st Round


............and barring the Scottish Cup, we've exceeded all of my pre season expectation.


So why do I still feel a bit deflated about this season?



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Its been a rollercoaster but good to finish on a high.  Definitely the most memorable season for me for a very long time, mainly down to Europe.  Munich was fantastic!  :thumbsup:


Roll on next season, I'm well pumped up for it already.

Top 3 and a cup win.  Watch this space!  :dance:



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Completely agree with Kowalski! Good move by the club to make sure some extra season tickets are renewed ;) But it has been such a rollercoast and I wouldn't have swapped it for any other team. Its been phenomenal and whilst I still do wish we'd made a final or at least given it a go in both semi's, such is life. At least we didn't embarrass ourselves in the top 6, we sure as hell got more points than I thought we would! Well done AFC and I'm already looking forward to next season  :thumbsup:

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As I was discussing with my flatmate, in terms of highs you'd be looking at Celtic QF, Dnipro away and Copenhagen at home for your top three. However, your three lows were so earth shatteringly horrible that it takes the shine off the season - QotS, Arabs at Tynecastle, and Celtic QF final again, plus a few league results.

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This season really has been a roller coaster ride. As I always (sometimes) say.. with highs come lows and with lows come highs. This season has certainly been like that. I might still be on last night's high but right now I'm thinking it's been a good season. Finishing above United, Hibs and Hearts is magic.

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Certainly been up and down - nice way to finish


too many lows and not enough highs to wipe them out, proof of the pudding the last few games we have gone about our business and not fucked about with formation / players / tactics and we beat the uefa cup finalist for fuck sake leave the team alone!



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