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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

Worst Dons Results

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Wallowing in my mire and self pity I feel like rubbing salt in the wound.


For me this result is right up there in the list of jaw droppingly bad games and/or results.


Other candidates off the top of my head........


getting humped 5 -0 by St Johnstone - the team bus "Gillhaus/Bett incident" game


Losing to Bohemians at home  ::)


The home draw against Skonto  -  I remember screaming abuse at Miller for playing a full back (woodthorpe) as a left winger in a game we had to score to win.


Losing to Stenhousemuir in the cup


Losing to Queen's Park a couple years ago.


Appointing Porterfield.  >:D




What makes it worse for me is I was 16 when we won the league at Easter Rd in 1980 my formative teenage years were spent following the Dons around europe  watching them winning cups and leagues galore. Watching this shower is just depressing..........

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Guest swaddon

Aberdeen 1 Livingston 6


Appointing Alex Miller


Appointing Steve Paterson


Dundee United 5 Aberdeen 0, November 1997


Aberdeen 0 Celtic 6, a record breaking home defeat in 1999, I think it was.


Aberdeen 1 Zalgiris Vilnius 3, UEFA Cup 1996. Wouldn't have been so bad if the entire Zalgiris team hadn't travelled all the way from Lithuania in a BUS, then inflicted our biggest European home defeat.


Someone hand me a gun...

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The worst was Queen's Park at Firhill.

There has never been and will never be a worse result than this.

I'm still in shock that JC got rewarded for this with a new contract.  Of course he maybe proved the board right on that occasion.  I'm less certain about the decision to further extend his contract this year.

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I don't think JC is to blame for this. He's not the man out there playing the game on the park. Each and every one of those players must surely be held accountable. A place in the final, they are a goal down with half an hour left. The strikers have to be held accountable for failing to beat a 2nd Division side. The defence have to be held accountable for allowing a 2nd Division side to score FOUR goals.


I really really really hope that JC follows through with his threats to cut half the squad in the summer. And I hope it's not like all the other times, where we cut half the squad  by getting rid of all the decent players and all the up-and-coming youngsters.


We need to get rid of the dross that is clearly not good enough to play for Aberdeen. Bus, Duff, Mackie, Soutar, Langfield, Mair and Considine are seven first-team regulars who immediately spring to mind who, quite simply, are not the standard required to have us in cup finals and up in the top four of the league. I'll be happier if these players go in the summer, and the likes of Nicholson and Miller decide to stay!

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Sorry, dont agree, JC is responsible. He is responsible for the product on the park. He prepares, trains, motivates.... it is his job to make sure the players are prepared for games like this.


You can blame Milne and WM but JC still has the players/resources to beat QOS and most of the average teams we played this year. He just doesn't do his job well.


Most of the players needing cut are players he has brought in - yes he cuts the squad, but who does he bring in? He doesn't inspire in the transfer 'freebie' market whereas there are other coaches who do better on mediocre budgets,


Time up JC.

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