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Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. I think it's a bit deluded to think we're just being unlucky. If you look at expected goals, which most teams focus on now rather than possession/shots, then we aren't outplaying anyone. The only game in the league we've really dominated was Ross County. We have a lot of aimless possession, a lack of cutting edge in attacking areas and a leaky defence. Teams set up like that don't usually have a lot of success.
  2. I thought going into this season that we'd made the defence worse. Just about the only decent thing about us last season was that we looked fairly solid with Taylor, Considine and Hoban at the back. We've turned that into Bates/Gallagher/McCrorie with Gary Woods in goals. It isn't a great mystery why we're conceding more, we have substantially worse defenders. Our problems really start from that. There's no point trying to reinvent the wheel when you can't defend properly. It reminds me a bit of McGhee who came in with grand plans to have us playing progressive football but mismanaged the defensive side of the team. It certainly isn't as bad as that yet and some of it wasn't the fault of Glass (e.g. Considine's injury) but teams that have loads of ineffective possession and cough up cheap goals on a regular basis end up in relegation battles.
  3. Obviously it's Cormack's fault for hiring Glass, but really what you want from a chairman is someone that invests money and he's done that to be fair. Most chairmen are clueless when it comes to the actual football bit so that isn't a fatal flaw necessarily if we can tombola our way into the right manager. If he refuses to sack Glass then that will be different but it's starting to make Cormack look bad so I think he'll do it out of self-preservation if nothing else.
  4. I don't think anyone will be putting money on us to do it, but if we get a lucky draw who knows. The likes of Italy, Spain and Portugal could end up in the playoffs but it's probably more likely it's something like this: Semi-final: Austria, Czech Republic, Norway, Romania, Ukraine or Wales Final: Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Sweden or Switzerland
  5. I thought the way Dykes pulled his hand away was pretty telling but fortunately they had blurry mobile phone quality video footage that made it impossible to overturn. I agree VAR ruins the game though. Every time someone scores a goal now a little part of your brain is telling you to hold on a minute because there might be some borderline foul somewhere. It's completely undermined the biggest appeal of football which is the raw immediate reaction to a goal being scored. Prioritising technical accuracy over entertainment is just daft.
  6. I think we would have won that without the sending off so can't blame Glass for it too much. The harsh reality though is that result will put him closer to getting sacked. He needs something against Dundee probably or he's in trouble assuming Celtic beat us.
  7. The only arguments you could make in favour of Glass (he's just been appointed, give him time, etc.) would apply equally to a traffic cone in a bowler hat. I can't see any actual reason to think he's going to be a success. He has no track record, he was hired because he's mates with the chairman, he doesn't sound convincing when he speaks to the media, his signings don't look up to much, the results have been poor overall and the performances seem to be getting worse rather than better. Anything is possible, maybe he'll turn it around somehow (see the traffic cone again) but I'd be putting money on him being sacked and Brown taking over before the end of the season.
  8. We did dominate possession and we had more shots but we also did that in the game you've mentioned here. Overall we had worse chances than Motherwell did. Here are the xG numbers for the game you're talking about and this one: 23 Dec 2020 - Motherwell 0.22 / Aberdeen 1.16 11 Sep 2021 - Motherwell 1.30 / Aberdeen 1.01 That doesn't say improvement to me. It matches what I think, which is that our defence looks substantially worse but we're not sufficiently better going forward to compensate for that. I also don't see this as the embryonic stages of a new team that's going places. We're still bedding in new signings but most of them are over 30, squad filler, or loan players. Our best players bar Brown (Ramsay, Ferguson, Hedges, etc.) were all here before Glass and the likes of Ramirez, JET and Gallagher are probably as good as they're going to get. I don't think we're a complete disaster. Bates might improve things and Hedges makes a difference. We are definitely better at keeping possession than we were under McInnes, but the real question is whether Glass is the right man for the job long-term and I would say the early signs are pretty mixed so far.
  9. He was involved in the goal, but he was non-existent outside of the two moments you mention which were both basically give and gos that someone else (Patterson/Gilmour) played off him. I mean fair play on him not making an arse of those two passes but if he can't get into a game against Moldova at home where we had umpteen attacking opportunities then he has no chance against a better side.
  10. I looked it up and Nisbet completed five passes in the whole game, fewer than every other player on the pitch except two Moldovan substitutes who came on in the 88th and 94th minute. Pretty sure he was playing dodgeball.
  11. I wonder if they might just put a ban on heading during training. I think the NFL does something similar where they couldn't do much to make the sport completely safe so they just have a lot of restrictions on training.
  12. I think the problem with loaning young Premier League players is that they're rarely ready to make much of an impact or they wouldn't be loaned out to us in the first place. I always think back to Maddison, who was arguably one of the most talented players to play for us in the last 20 years if you look at what he's done since, but even he barely did anything for us beyond one glorious free kick. That's kind of the best case scenario and it still wasn't that great.
  13. I'll go 0-0 as really terrible pitches tend to take all the flow out of a game plus Qarabag don't seem to score or concede a lot at the best of times (judging by Panda's list above).
  14. Some variant of this argument has been used to defend just about every terrible player we've had in the last 20 years (the classic line used to be "remember when everyone thought Russell Anderson was shite after his first few games"). As an argument it's basically a recipe for saying nothing. You have to judge players on something. I don't like Gurr on paper and I don't like much of what I've seen from him on the pitch as he seems to lack basic technique (his error was directly linked to that as he clearly wasn't confident using his wrong foot and waited too long on the ball coming as a result). If you've seen something you like and disagree then I don't have a problem with that, but this isn't a peer-reviewed academic study where we have to wait for six months of data before reaching a conclusion.
  15. He's 25 and had played one professional game in his career before joining us, he was let go by a side who are now consistently playing a right back who couldn't get in our team last season, he just made a terrible mistake that knocked us out the league cup, and having watched every game he's played for us so far he looks to me like someone with a good work ethic who is pretty poor technically and a bit naive tactically. I'm sure he's a nice guy, he looks to have a great attitude, I admire him for managing to get to this level given his complete lack of pedigree and I'm not going to "write him off completely", but on the balance of the evidence so far do I think he's going to be a good signing? No.
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