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  1. I'm sure Chris would have made sure we were in a far better position if he hadn't been struck down with motor neurone in 1984. He was one of the visionary driving forces at AFC, tragically lost way too early.
  2. Nothing melting.......the nice big server is handling the praise for JC well. "Outschooled" is "slang" boxing terminology, but appears to be slipping more into other sports. Kids these days..... Disappointing result today. I don't suppose there are any positives.
  3. Don't think anyone's making out that the kid's amazing. He just looks like a value trade.
  4. Where are you getting these figures from? Sounds like Kilmarnock bid around £70k for him which was rejected.
  5. That was a really odd comment by Willie Miller about the management team. I think everyone took it the same way though. It was unfortunate that certain games this weekend are still very important meaning that Fergie, Strachan, McGhee, McLeish and Watson couldn't be there. But still a fantastic turnout. A night like last night was absolutely unmissable. I didn't realise Donny Munro was an Aberdeen fan, as he's from Skye,but went to colledge in Aberdeen. Loch Lomond was brilliant at the end. Has anyone has a transcript of what JC said on the big screen, cos I couldn't understand half of it.
  6. Absolutely fantastic night. No way would I have missed that. Just superb. Didn't really like the "original" painting, but an original is an original and it was signed, but couldn't justify paying more than two grand for it. Funny how the bidding goes through the roof after several shandies!!! Some of the auctioned items went for silly money. Neale Cooper was just superb, very very funny. The place was in stitches. Also Donny Munro, who I didn't even realise was an Aberdeen fan, doing a few special numbers, especially Loch Lomond was bang on. Oh, and JC and company are about to be sacked!!! Great evening......I wouldn't have missed it for the World.
  7. You can just take another seat through the ticket office in the next available section. Not really a problem. I prefer being about 2/3's up and as near to the half-way line. You get far better view of proceedings IMO.
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