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Guilty Pleasure ( Music Edition )

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Can we do this? Maybe already been done? Wanted to get a feel for your guilty pleasure, music wise, obviously in the same vain as the What Are You Listening Too thread, but this thread is for songs you like that maybe you wouldn't post on there? I'll start. ( Obviously delete the thread if it has indeed been done before )




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This should be fun min,(assuming you mean songs youre embarassed you like)  :thumbsup:


I'll start by saying I was a blues/rock drummer locally back in the day,c/w the old Levi jacket covered in Ac/Dc /Rush/Zeppelin sew on badges at the back,the long hair blah,blah.But every so often a song would come along  that you wouldnt dare to admit liking.


  In the early days,this one by Anita Ward  :redface: 



......And more recently Alphabeat





.....Plenty more where that came from

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