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  1. I’ve always hated brown, mainly his arrogance and always beating us, not a bad trait to have. I know he’s old but quite a statement signing if you ask me.
  2. I’ll add to the above since there are so many levels, academy programs to factor in too. I quit coaching a team last year as my club had my team traveling to Nevada and Arizona regularly for games. That’s the equivalent to Aberdeen boys playing in Norway, England, Holland etc every other weekend. Imagine being a parent financing that.... again, fucked up system but there is a ton of talent here. facilities - when I lived in Florida I coached in amazing facilities, probably better than pro teams in Scotland prior to having their modern training facilities. LA facilities are shite funnily
  3. You are missing my point. Miller already had respect from players without doing a thing. He was a legend. Aitken did not overshadow him in any way. Most of our players have no clue who glass is. They know Scott brown. Of course I am questioning his leadership, we know little or nothing of his coaching or managing and we’re a top job if you ask me. Again, some players, maybe many, may never even have heard of Stephen glass so questions will be asked. He has to earn respect, like any manager ultimately, but he doesn’t have the background that Miller had to lean on, whereas Scott brown ultimately
  4. The point made is 100% true. I’ve lived and coached in the states for over 25 years and been heavily involved in youth coaching, done all the licenses here too. There is a ton of quality coaches, quality players, and some excellent youth programs. It’s the system that is fucked up. Claudia Reyna wrote about it maybe within the last year, I’ll send a link if I have time. To reach the highest level here you have to either turn pro or go to college. To turn pro or play in college you have to been found/scouted most likely at showcase tournaments. To get to these elite level tournaments you h
  5. You are missing my point entirely. The comment posted was that brown and his personality/presence/reputation or whatever would possibly overshadow/undermine Glass. What does Glass bring to the table was the question. A reference and comparison was made to Roy Aitken and I was pointing out that while aitken was a strong leader/personality/presence, there was no way he overshadowed willie Miller. That’s all.
  6. Are brown and Russell announced? And who is Russell???? Plus the comments of two internationalists, what’s that? Based on Glass’ red tv interview sounds like some of the coaching staff are staying?
  7. And you know he’s employing his mate how? And you almost guarantee he was lined up. Really? And you know there was no process? Can you tell me how many people we interviewed? You have an opinion that I just don’t agree with. had mcinnes had a great season he’d still be here. He didn’t. Life is all about who you know. I’ve hired people I’ve known well and been friends with, not because they are friends, but because they do a great job. We assume, some know, that cormack knows glass but to say he’s our manager because of friendship is wrong. He wouldn’t have been hired if cormack didn’t thi
  8. I’m not even touching on the racist part. Plenty, including myself, hate brown the player. An entitled cheating prick who plays like an arrogant cunt. For that reason alone people don’t want him here. That would be my reason. But if he becomes our player/coach I’m willing to give him a chance. Others won’t.
  9. My point is that so many fans think they know better. Myself included who was critical. But cormack is where he is today because of success, why would we know better? He clearly knows glass more than any of us, has been involved in the hiring process, so he’s made a more educated decision than any of us could do. It doesn’t mean he’ll be a great chairman appointing a great manager because he is a good businessman, but he’s in a better position than any of us to make an educated appointment. I’m willing to give cormack a chance and already some turn on him.
  10. Some interesting posts here. I cannot believe some peoples narrow mindedness towards cormack. He’s a very successful businessman, why would his attitude towards Aberdeen be any different? He’s hired the guy who he thinks is best at taking us forward. Why would he be wrong? A ton of armchair fans, including myself, may question him, but what do we know? Have we interviewed Glass? Scott Brown? I wanted Alex Neil. Was he even an option? Who knows. But I credit Glass for being a go getter and getting out of Scotland to develop both his playing and coaching career. He has a more worldly view o
  11. Yes and no. I’d compare brown to aitken so yes, but that was aitken supporting god. glass to willie Miller??? Miller was as much, if not more of a leader than aitken. What the fuck does glass bring???
  12. I fucking hope so! Zero managerial experience and has been out of the Scottish game a very long time. Please no.
  13. I’d be happy with Robson as an assistant. In regards to Neil, I’m sure mcinnes saw Bristol as a step to bigger things in England but it didn’t pan out that way. I honestly think we’re an attractive job and Neil would be crazy not to consider it......chance for trophies, European experience, a new training ground, and an enthusiastic chairman ready to put his stamp in things. Or he can go to Rotherham, Wycombe, gillingham or the likes.....
  14. So who is a bigger name and huge inspiration? In all seriousness, maybe Duncan Ferguson from the names mentioned here before? I’d say based on championship and premiership experience, Alex neil Is about as big a name as we’ll get. We even may have to consider that I’d assume it would be a fair cut in pay to come here from a championship or premiership team (and yes, he doesn’t have a job presently, but he’d have been earning good money.)
  15. I see Maloney in the same boat as Glass. Completely unknown as a manager, minimal experience, and we’ve no clue if they’ll be any good. Who knows why he’s at Belgium, and from what I’ve read he doesn’t even coach, but consults, scouts etc. Both he and Glass need a successful experience at Motherwell, St. Mirren, Dundee or the likes before I’d consider them for a bigger task like us. Neil fits the mold of mcinnes, even Ferguson, in terms of experience and age, I think he’s a good fit. I’m certainly not over the moon with excitement, but I think he’s the best option and won’t be out of a jo
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