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  1. Looked like long balls the majority of the time until they went down to 10. Plus when Watkins was here it tended to be longer balls into the channels when Watkins made runs. Still, a win is a win but as many feel, think it’s best for all involved that Sam moves on.
  2. I don’t buy that. We played a lot of high aimless balls again and gave away possession, plus Sam’s movement and ability to find space is terrible. It’s a forwards job to move and get involved.....like Watkins did so well.
  3. How bad must mcginn be these days? Stick him up front and he’s much more likely to combine with those around him, he’s got the touch, and a good finisher.
  4. Considine shows more skill there than Sam the entire game. Relief to get the second.
  5. Put McGinn or even main up top. Cosgrove is offering nothing. Not helping us at all.
  6. Has cosgrove touched the ball with his feet yet. Not involved at all, and far too much long ball from us. The sooner we find another forward the better, kills our style of play with Sam out there.
  7. Exactly this. We can’t afford to sack, nobody is interested in him at present, and he’s got no interest in walking away I’d assume...
  8. Pretty poor stuff. Our strengths under DM have been not losing shitty self inflicted goals and beating the so called weaker teams. So much for that this season. The early season fun free flowing attacking team is a distant memory. Back to the shit of the last couple of seasons. And fuck knows why we tried main and cosgrove again. When does DMs contract expire?
  9. Hells to the no to Stewart returning, was never sold on him the first time.....or second! If McInnes couldn't' get the best out of him twice before, why now? If Wright is going, the huns can have him, he'll be as successful as Stewart. Don't see him playing much, plus I do think he's made to be injured. I'd take Jordan Jones or Greg Doherty in return to send him now rather than for nothing, even Greg Middleton. Perhaps it's because I am so far removed from having lived in Scotland (been 26 years since I've lived there full time), but in this day and age, despite my extreme dislike for Rangers,
  10. Depends. Cosgrove has done less in the games he's played than Main from what I've seen. Edit.......although I should add both are shit and it doesn't really matter, plus I'd rather see Nail McGinn at center forward anyway and play the ball on the deck up to a guy with a first touch.
  11. Always liked him, think he can play in central defense or center mid, but we've got Ojo, McGeough, and Ash Taylor instead! Maybe a summer signing???
  12. Is it not a red since he committed a foul in a goal scoring opportunity with no attempt to play the ball? Regardless of the fact he was actually jumping to avoid contact with Morelas altogether.
  13. Wait a minute here, how many good games has Wright played for us? He's been inconsistent at best, or injured, almost his entire career. The team clicked with him in it this season, but then he got injured again, and that is unfortunate of course. But in all honesty, will he ever be healthy? Do other teams even know who he is? I'd say he's a major risk and it's to his benefit to stay another year at least to try and find health and consistency. I'm a little surprised by Wright to be honest.
  14. Didn’t watch much of the second half, was not fun to watch although sounds like the second half was a little better. A win is a win but the performance certainly reminded me of last season, and I lose interest in watching that. This season we were fun to watch and successful when we had skill, speed, movement, and creativity in the final third with a combination of Wright Watkins hedges and Hayes all causing trouble. We’ve gone away from that. While I accept that injuries COVID and suspension have made things difficult, McInnes seems at a loss for what formation to play now. I don’t think
  15. No width in the first half didn’t help, it was basically a 5-3-2 with nothing from the 2. Can only get better!
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