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  1. That was Craig Brown-era levels of insipidity. Considine couldn't even manage to snap that saluting prick properly.
  2. They’d be mental not to go for Tommy Wright. Guaranteed mid-table finishes for at least 5 years, for Dundee United that’s like having a free lifetime supply of Calor Gas.
  3. I think we are well staffed to utilise a 352 with Hernandez and Hayes as wing backs. I assume Hayes coming means we won't be signing Leigh permanently. Lewis Taylor (or Logan may be suited to go a bit more central as he loses his pace) McKenna Considine Hernandez Ferguson Ojo Kennedy Hayes McGinn Cosgrove I don't think we can see another season of McGinn out wide, Kennedy also looks better through the middle than out wide, Hernandez doesn't look like he can be trusted to defend properly and it'll be a stretch to expect Considine to spend another season galloping up the left flank.
  4. No, that record lasted about a week, Kairat played Bordeaux in the next round.
  5. Shades of Calderwood's last season. Played awful football, seemed to be dropping points all over the place, but still end up in the European spot at the end.
  6. All this talk of league re-construction on-the-fly and "all promotion, no relegation" doesn't sit well with me. Looks like a cowardly attempt at avoiding a legal battle more than anything. No point running scared, Hearts will need to sell half their first team just to pay the lawyer fees.
  7. I think the "least worst" scenario would be to complete the pre-split games and finish it there, if no improvement in the situation by end of April, play the games behind closed doors. Avoids issues with contracts and transfer windows and at least gives everyone closure for a couple of months. I don't envy the people that need to make the decision.
  8. If the season can't be completed, not fair to leave the league table as it stands because not all teams have played the same amount of games. Best void all results and revert the league table back to how it was before any games were played
  9. Take the opportunity to build something mental. 4 distinct two-tier stands, bottom tier bigger than top tier, each with a roof that jacks up and down to hide the top tier if not in use. Standard configuration (14,000 seats - 4.5k along the pitch, 2.5k at each end), single tier all the way round, then can lift the roof on each individual stand as required. Maximum capacity 22,000 (top tier along the pitch 2.5k, at each end 1.5k). Recycle the parts off old decommissioned jack-up rigs, have ourselves a sustainable, dynamic stadium with a bit of character.
  10. Bring back the auld site Jeff, ye radge!
  11. McGeough played well, hopefully that's not just because he wanted to prove a point to Jack Ross. Kennedy excellent too, an almost Hayes-esque performance with all the defensive dirty work he was doing.
  12. I'd be more open to keeping faith in McInnes if he showed that he had any kind of long-term plan, strategy or philosophy. Instead, we just seem to be going from transfer window to transfer window desperately trying to plug leaks, primarily with players that he's heard of rather than their ability to perform a specific role in a system. Plenty of stuff going on off the pitch, but we seem to be completely lacking direction when it comes to first team football matters.
  13. I think we're going to see some "let's throw shit at the wall and see what sticks" tactics for this match. In that spirit, I'd have us line up in a 352: Lewis Devlin McKenna Considine Hernandez Ojo Kennedy Ferguson Campbell Anderson McLennan I get the feeling Hernandez will be better suited to the wing back role than the traditional full back role we usually go with. I'd give Kennedy a go as the attacking central midfielder because it's a position we need to fill and his crossing has been piss poor so far. I don't think Anderson is particularly suited to being the lone striker, Cosgrove needs a rest, Main needs thrown into the sea. McLennan may be useful in that position as he seems to have quite good instincts but not much of a football brain, so best put him closer to the goal when he gets the ball so he has less to think about.
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