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  1. There's a tendency when things are going badly to throw blanket criticism at everything, but the real problem with McInnes is his ability to judge a player and it's basically the main explanation for why we've regressed. When we had Shinnie, McLean, peak McGinn/Hayes, etc. we were a legitimately good team. Any weaknesses McInnes has on the tactical side, with keeping players fit, motivating them and so on didn't stop us from having some level of success. What's happened is that despite having more resources to work with than most of the league, he's made countless bad signings and the qua
  2. Paul Lambert looks like he's about to be sacked at Ipswich. Not saying that because I want him as a replacement, but I could see it happening - Scottish, could pass as a big name, at a low ebb in his career, no compensation required, etc.
  3. If you read between the lines then that statement doesn't look great for McInnes. It's basically intended to show the fans he's listening to them and knows the results aren't good enough. It then says Cormack has no doubts McInnes still wants to be here (rather than no doubts he's the best man for the job), which is damning him with faint praise. The rest of it is justification for why he isn't going to sack him today but leaves it open to sack him later if results don't improve. Statements like this always have positive fluff in them because you can't undermine the manager before you sac
  4. There are meaningless games in every setup (7th place gets five meaningless games after the split right now) but it's nowhere near the same scale. Look at the Premier League table right now in England - every team down to about 12th is probably within touching distance of a European spot with 9 games to go. Obviously a bunch of teams will end up in the middle regardless but it's the possibility of moving up the legue that keeps the interest. Drawing a line across the table in January and telling maybe a third of the league to go play for nothing for over three months just seems completely ment
  5. A 14 team league with a 6-8 split seems the most popular option, but it's actually a bit of a halfway measure that would probably make things worse in my view. Think about the teams that are 7th-10th at the split - they'd be faced with another 14 games of largely meaningless football where they'd be clear of relegation, but couldn't rise higher than 7th. It's basically a pretty good way to make a very large part of the season pointless for a lot of teams, which is presumably the exact opposite of what restructuring is supposed to do (i.e. make the league more entertaining). For me, it has t
  6. Is the squad still much the same as it was last year? This is Stuart (Brown) - not sure if you remember me as it's been a while since I played. I'm now in one of the teams that plays in a Monday night league so I can fit it around my work, but if you're playing friendlies over the summer maybe we could give you a game at some point. By the sounds of it you'd probably hammer us.
  7. I don't really want them to be thrown into the Third Division because they'd just steamroller their way up the league and come back to where they were. Their fans would actually enjoy the experience and by the time they made the SPL again they'd have rejuvenated their entire support. I'd rather they were kept in the SPL, but hit with such draconian punishments that they had no opportunity to compete. Once they'd settled in to the soul destroying nature of floundering around in the bottom six for years their fans would leave in their droves and they'd be reduced to the level of everyone else
  8. Even though the punishment in those proposals for a Newco is a bit of a joke, I haven't read anything anywhere which said that the rest of the SPL clubs are actually going to support this. Dodgy voting procedures aside, it's a democracy at the end of the day so these proposals being put out there don't really mean a lot at this stage. I've read a lot of things on other sites branding the SPL a disgrace over this, but if it goes through then it's the fault of the clubs, not Ralph Topping, Doncaster or anyone else.
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