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  1. I'm glad that my last post failed after the last death as I had typed 'Sir Patrick Moore you are next'. I would have felt like thon two Australian DJs! Still, two goals in a week! Yas min! Ps Bashar Al Assad, you are next ya chemical weapon toting prick!
  2. Currently sitting in the Carribean reading through the Ian Fleming James Bond books.
  3. In Europa Lounge RDS See what happens efter 1-0 Aberdeen, defender #sclaff
  4. The Hetero Golf version is the 3.2L V6 variant. The short-of-thinking mans motor.
  5. Some very embarrassing comments on there by elected Councillors no less.
  6. No doubt she is. The glaikit hoor probably couldn't even point to Aberdeen on a map (of Aberdeen). What a monumental waste of time, effort, newsprint and thought this whole exercise has been.
  7. There is still time to bin AWPR too. FFS, will the last cunt oot please switch off the lights.
  8. I liked this bit: LAWL. I think this one could even rival the fucking tedious AWPR saga. It will be enough to keep Aberdeen Journals going anyway...
  9. Point for miniJC with Teddy Scott.
  10. FFS just concentrate on getting into the promised land of the top six first, eh?
  12. What I like about the Olympics is that there is (almost) something for everyone. I have found myself watching sports that I normally wouldn't otherwise, and learning something new about each one. Of course you could watch them any time of year if interested but there is something decent about watching professional young athletes at the pinnacle of their sport. Much more respect due to these guys rather than overpaid primadonnas who grace the EPL and the likes who think they've 'made it' because they own a Bentley. If the Olympics has the effect of even encouraging a fraction of this natio
  13. By the mere virtue that the Olympics has given the opportunity for Lineker, Lawrenson and Savage to grace our screens for the second time this summer is reason alone not to watch this utter tosh.
  14. It is totally ludicrous. They aren't anywhere near a position where they have any bargaining power whatsoever. How about: 1. No, you can't have an SFA license as you cunts have clearly not learned any lessons and there is still too much uncertainty surrounding the leadership's (whoever they may be) credentials to be deemed 'fit and proper' to run a football club. 2. You bought the remains of the Oldco, so be prepared to be punished for the wrongdoings of the Oldco. EBTs, dual contracts, the fucking lot. 3. Don't like it? Then just fuck off you verminous shytehawks.
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