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    Alex Salmond

    The fuck's the face for?
  2. Tyrant


    False. What paper do you buy? Symptoms and mortality rate of Coronavirus significantly less severe than influenza. 92,000 people worldwide have it. On a planet of 7 billion. It's hardly affecting children and the only people dying are those that would die if they caught influenza anyway. So like Rocket I'm asking myself why is it exactly that every media outlet on earth (seemingly) is trying to make us shit ourselves over this? It hasn't worked on me.
  3. He was a prick for being the only cunt I've ever seen in my life answer his phone in the cinema and have a conversation without having the decency to fuck off outside. Mediocre player at best. I enjoyed Blood Diamond.
  4. Correct. Agreed. Which is why I said absolutely nothing of the sort. He 100% absolutely does work harder than any female on the circuit. I'd bet my house on that. But again that's not the point I'm making. You could compare male and female rivalries all day but again that'd be missing the point. What I'm talking about is the money drawn by the WTA compared to the money drawn by the ATP. (The former being Women's tennis and the latter being Men's.) I don't have exact figures and although what the ladies are drawing has certainly increased (very much helped by the fact that Grand Slam tournaments have been paying equal prize money for years) what the men draw is still significantly higher. Why that is is a matter of opinion. Mine being that what the elite men serve up is significantly better than what the elite women do. And as such I can completely appreciate the argument of "fair" pay not necessarily being split 50/50 between men and women.
  5. That's nae like him! Here was me under the impression that it's only Scottish refs that treat him differently on account of the agenda that exists against him.
  6. That work shy Manc will use his newborn twins as an excuse.
  7. The equal pay thing is another minefield and I'm jumping in. I'm 100% in agreement that, for example, in an office a man and a woman who do the same job should be paid equally. Obviously. That's a no brainer. But to pay female tennis players the same as male tennis players just isn't a fair reflection of the money in the game. And it would be exactly the same with football if the women somehow gain parity. As an athlete or sports person your pay should reflect your level and your influence on the sport. Women play best of 3 set matches in Tennis; but not because they're not capable of playing 5 sets because of course they are. They're athletes and look after themselves. But the painful truth is that next to no one wants to watch a female 5 setter. Pay all athletes/sports people what they're worth regardless of gender. That is true equality.
  8. Liverpool beaten by Atletico. I only managed to watch about the final 3rd portion of the game as I was oot but it seems like the other two games were better. Not that the Motherwell/St. Mirren game is allowed to be televised if CL is on. : Liverpool more than capable of turning round a 1 goal deficit but I did have a sneaky feeling that they'd be bowing out at this stage of the competition this season.
  9. I like VAR in theory. I don't like how it's being used. We need people with common sense sitting in the VAR control rooms. I think it's dangerous for Scotland and I worry that it'll only help the gruesome twosome.
  10. For Whom The Bell Tolls would be awesome walk on music.
  11. Very few contenders from an AFC point of view which is why (I assume) you didn't post this in the AFC forum. I enjoyed watching Suarez and Sturridge at their peak a few years back. They scored some amazing goals.
  12. Still never seen it all the way through for reasons that I just don't remember despite thoroughly enjoying what I have seen of it. Will need to re-visit this one for sure.
  13. Nowhere near the figure of £7m that's being banded about on Twitter this afternoon.
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