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  1. There are going to be hundreds if not thousands dead from this. There are numerous videos online and the force of the blast was unreal. Trump of course said it was a bomb, after speaking to his generals. How the fuck this mad cunt can say this so quickly is unfathomable, when the official line is that it's a confiscated bunch of 2,750 tons of whatever that went up, not that I can imagine how big that quantity would actually look like.
  2. Good find. Don't know if I understand it yet but good and innovative stuff. Hope they're getting paid for it. I assume they must be if they're doing every game.
  3. The Fulham LB has put them in the Premiership next year. He needs a header now for the perfect hat-trick in Extra Time. Scott Parker looks like someone from Thunderbirds. Are Go.
  4. Some explosion in Bay Root the day. Bodies everywhere. Wonder how long it will take for the truth to out? Sick world.
  5. I think I heard the commentators say that it was only his 3rd start in god knows how many years so given his previous, there's no doubt McInnes will bench Anderson. What is the bearded midget's problem with youth I wonder? Does it stem from how he was treated as a young man?
  6. And Kennedy was so ineffective I forgot he was playing.
  7. Stats are like miniskirts. I thought he, Ferguson and Ojo were so bad on Saturday and without any quality in the middle of the park, it's impossible to win a game... unless there is zero quality in the oppositions midfield too, which we often get in the SPFL. Hayes had a disappointing game too, although unsurprisingly given that he was surrounded by donkeys. It was a terrible performance to start a new season and given that there was very little quality on the bench and in the squad, this is going to be another bad season for AFC. It only took one half of football to kill the usual start-of-season optimism/hope that always accompanies this time of year.
  8. Nobody is interested. Take your infantile posting to a more appropriate place. If you have nothing worthwhile to say, shut the fuck up. Since you've signed up, you are exclusively baiting me and that will now be met with zero response. For the record, I've met many who are intellectually superior to me and I don't believe that being "shown up" is a valid concept unless there has been a declaration of competition between the consenting parties, and such "competitions" aren't generally entered into from properly-functioning thinkers. Your "wife" references and "19th century art decor" gave you away. The former was indicative of a sickness that you will find in common with the modern keyboard warrior types and the latter isn't even a thing, I would imagine, just some words you strung together in a pathetic attempt to look clever or funny. Goodbye.
  9. McGintys A soulless corporate chain shitfest. Drinking all day and night is the preserve of the young and stupid or the rig pig types and stupid. Fuck you arsehole, whoever you are.
  10. Soul and Hawthorn have announced they are closing. Apparently it was one guy in Aberdeen for a couple of days before going offshore who spread the infection in the Hawthorn. Shit boozer anyway, overpriced and judging by the bearded fud who was interviewed there on the telly (the owner or manager), I'm pleased I've only spent money in there once in the last 20/25 years.
  11. I doubt that I would come from the same genetic and environmental background as a sick cunt who invoked the wife of another in an attempt to be funny (or in attempted provocation?) on a forum designed for those with common interests to enjoy. You should check out the hat. You'll find your brothers there.
  12. Milne didn't only appoint a string of many useless managers, he threw the chequebook at the current inept cunt. DNA was his last scheme to steal money from the customers. His first one was the PLC shares scheme, followed by the rights issue years later. These schemes netted millions. I lost money in the first shares issue, as 3,000 of us did but I knew at the time I was making an emotional investment, not a financial one and I could afford it. The only benefit we were supposed to be getting was priority for tickets but he took that away from us later, not that it matters any more as the product isn't worth watching. But as Dubya famously said, "fool me once, but I won't be buying your hershey bars the next time", or something similar. DNA was a disgrace and an affront to the club's history, a capitalist "market-driven" move that an American might be proud of, if they had the wherewithal to see the bigger picture.
  13. The only straws that I can see are the ones you are clutching at. DNA was a cynical ploy to exploit the fans. It was stealing from the most loyal customers. It's not one game. It's many years, coming up to a whole decade. Either you understand that McInnes is no use or you can't see it. It was because of the blindness of too many Aberdeen fans that Calderwood lasted as long as he did and McInnes is still failing and flailing. The same blindness failed to see the damage that Milne did to the club. It's not like you weren't warned for TWENTY FIVE FUCKING YEARS!
  14. Giving results for exams that weren't taken was always going to be problematic. No surprise the SQA are getting pelters. I suspect the people in charge are like the administrators we have in charge of football in Scotland, totally unfit for purpose.
  15. Yes wankers, charlatans and fucked up people are everywhere. No argument there. It's the breed of wanker who has limited talent but who has benefitted from a better income than they might have got in the real world who I was referring to, manifesting itself in snobbery and delusions of superiority. Born Foresterhill, live within a short drive of Aberdeen but 15 years overseas and 11 years elsewhere in Scotland gives a non-insular perspective of my home city, to which we returned 15 years ago. We have the same proportion of wankers as anywhere, including some unique traits bespoke to us, mostly born from parochialism.
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