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Next Match: Ross County v Aberdeen

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  1. I guess they missed out the bit that still gives huns and bent refs the right to do whatever suits them.
  2. Did the laws change about reds and pens or no?
  3. So a red and a pen? Did the laws not change on that?
  4. Double donkey most definitely doesn't work, why persist with it?
  5. Simple answer is the rest of the league below them is even worse.
  6. Same shit was outcome not performance, my eyes have stopped bleeding this season.
  7. Passions running high, I'm still right about Considine though
  8. Same shit different year, at least I don't have to trudge out of hampden and stand in line for an hour in the rain waiting to get on a train. McLennan has done well since he came on, hopefully gets a few starts now as was good last weekend as well.
  9. Are you in politics? Waffle shite waffle zzzz.
  10. Is game management not when we're winning?
  11. I think we're in keep the score down mode.
  12. He ambles out at the first to close down Christie like a 60 year old man, feart of the ba maybe. You might find that acceptable, I don't.
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