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Next Match: Aberdeen v Hamilton

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  1. Remember the spitting image puppets of them? Funny af
  2. I used to love watching Saints & Greavsie. He seemed like a genuinely good guy. Sad news.
  3. Good chance St Johnstone are confident enough now to beat Hibs this weekend. Cmon St J.!!!!
  4. I wonder how many times he's made a substitution in the last say 5 minutes when we haven't been winning the game. It must be around 180 times. Utterly pointless.
  5. That Hibs result could prove extremely important today. I hope.
  6. AFC are corrupt or the spl? If I pay for a mars bar and it's rotten, should I get my money back and never return or keep eating them from the same shop?
  7. I already have helicopter Sundays. When I get out the shower. Could do with Motherwell doing us a favour but nae chance. They're utter shite and their last 3 results have been pish.
  8. Absolutely. 3-1 I think. Lennon going won't make them worse. I'd be so fucking pissed off that we came so close to getting 10 in a row if I were a Celtic fan. Hahahahahaha
  9. Because we don't employ or look at any foreigners who have actual skills. Kamberi being the one exception perhaps.
  10. No idea why this isnt being televised. 3-1 them and Kamberi sent off for his tackle being too high due to a missed overhead kick.
  11. As much as I dont like Celtic , I fucking hate the rangers winning the league. Those discharge smelling cockroaches are celebrating at the moment and it hurts baaaaaaaaad.
  12. Like I said previously, it's ALWAYS us.
  13. He throws money around at obvious risks or players who were decent but arent as good as you say or players with a history of injuries. It's incredibly lazy recruitment. There's risks in buying anyone so why dont we just look further afield since we arent getting much quality from Scotland or low tier English divisions. At least not enough quality to change our success year after year. More than 1000 clubs in 30 countries in Europe alone.
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