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  1. Rocket himself is acting like better wouldn't melt. But scratch the surface and look deeper. His problems with authority are well documented. I was there the night he was given his matching orders from another forum after an abusive rant fuelled by a hotel mini bar
  2. Reported You clearly don't comprehend the true nature of debate. From memory, i don't think you ever have.
  3. You should know from previous altercations not to cross me. Alcohol was your excuse last time, surely not using that as an excuse this time, its not even lunch time, old bean
  4. I can see you and me are going to have a falling out again, Rocket
  5. Apolgies, I got sidetracked and ended up having sex with Rockets wife as he lay sleeping next to us (he passed out after too many brandies during Sportscene) so I sneaked in and did the deed, he began stirring during my climax and opened his eyes briefly. He must have thought it was a dream and drifted back into his slumber. I will see your wife this weekend, Powers.
  6. The sex tonight with Kenny Powers wife will be nothing short of sensational.
  7. Exactly the same path i've been on , RS. The path to enlightenment can be a slow process, but worth it when you get there. I truly felt like a god when i knew there was nothing left for me to achieve. I became an Adonis.
  8. I embark on sexual relations with Kenny Powers wife this evening with Kenny, Dunty and Rocket all in attendance as i take them to the land of enlightenment. Sex is only as good as the company you keep.
  9. Rocket's got a wandering eye but an unwillingness to act on his sexual impulses in the same way i have. Good sex shouldn't be castigated it should be celebrated. All colours and creeds, no discrimination, just maximum penetration. Its a basic human right and it takes years to aquiree a taste for what you like and only when you have aquired the taste for the forbidden can you truly become an Adonis.
  10. Tell him Rocket. Me and Dunty go back quite a way and (along with Frankie Miller)he is one of the worst cunts i've ever had the misforture to ever encounter. I call him Lencarl's lackey. He's a fucking mutant.
  11. Once she has experienced sex with an adonis she will have an insatiable zest for life again and you will notice the spring in her step almost instantaneously. Meanwhile you and rockets will get to watch and learn.
  12. When it comes to sex the more the merrier. All colours and creeds welcome
  13. My learnings should always be conducted on neutral ground so it is wholly appropriate that rockets estranged missus offers up her services in the name of education
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