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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

David Bentley Retirement Interview


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I recently saw the David Bentley retirement interview with Robbie Savage again.  Still can't believe the boy gave game up at 28 years old.  One thing he said is something I'm feeling about Aberdeen Football Club right now and probably been agonising over last four or five years.


David said the game wasn't what it was like when he first started as a kid and just wanted out.  I feel like this too about the sport.  Can't quite put my finger on why we've lost a lot of love for the club and general product of Scottish scene.


Is it because we play the same teams too many times in a league season? Or because Celtic and Rangers seem to be the only two sides that anybody cares about? 

Has my emotion been switched off as I don't like direction Dave Cormack is taking us?  Could horrific behaviour I'm hearing about from our own supporters especially at away matches putting me off attending fixtures?


Whatever it is I'm really struggling to care about the fortunes of my club.


One thing David Bentley is right about is football isn't what it used to be.       

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It’s a good post SeeBass and have to say, I have also lost interest a wee bit these last couple of years for a variety of reasons.

I will say I think Cormack’s heart is in the right place by wanting to bring in investment to his boyhood club both from himself and externally. Problem with this for me is the soul of the club gets diluted as we are losing the local touch somewhat. The same has happened in many clubs where foreign investment has come in and I guess I am guilty of living in the past too much in that respect.

We now have a team largely comprising non-Scottish players and what I would call non-dons people in the background. Not suggesting that everyone that works for the club should be a dons supporter but when you look at how clubs like Bayern and Ajax keep a core of their ex-players at the heart of the club, it makes it still feel like your club, if that makes sense.

I guess the fact that of late we had several players, and a manager and chairman, who were constants at the club for many years meant you built up some kind of affinity with them. Losing two of our best young Scottish players in McKenna and Ramsay recently further disconnects the team from the fans, for me.

I’ll always be a Dons supporter but struggling to get excited about the Cormack years.



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Yup Seebass, good post.

I have definitely lost interest in some aspects of football. I also have to acknowledge marriage and kids and having other priorities I didn't have before I turned 40! Still have the same interest in Aberdeen and still watch as much as I can, but it saddens me that we cannot be a team dominated by Scottish players. Would love say at least 5-6 players in the team Scottish. Would really like to see us go all out to pick up young Scottish players and really try to get that core. Would rather see the back of Rangers and Celtic and have a competitive league again, and genuine intrigue in the cups.

Same interest in Scotland, always want the national team to do well. Had a little less interest when it seemed we were a team getting more dominated by 'fake' Scottish players who relied on a granny and I don't think played for the jersey. But I'm Scottish and always a fan.

I enjoy the premiership but that is, sadly, because I enjoy fantasy football. I don't watch games for the hell of it anymore. I have minimal interest in European football, hate tournaments where teams can lose and get in the back door of another tournament. I want straight knockout tournaments where if you lose you are done. Or group stages and advance but no options for the third and fourth placed teams to get shifted to another tournament. To be honest, I miss the European Cup, Cup Winners Cup, and UEFA cup.

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