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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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Any PCV or HGV Drivers in here?

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I have begun the process of applying to become a Bus Driver, I have had and passed the Medical, they took my Driving License off me on the same day they did the Medical, and said I now need to wait for a Provisional PCV License, however, my Driving License came back through the Post today, there's nothing different about it whatsoever, is there a separate License for Buses/HGV Drivers or would it just get added to my normal License? I am supposed to book the Theory/Hazard/CPC Test when the Provisional PCV License arrives, this is where I am getting slightly confused. 


Also, would love to hear from you regarding the Job itself, what's it like and are you happy in doing it? I appreciate HGV & Bus Driving will be completely different, just curious about your feelings towards it. 

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Having waited about four months to sit my bike theory test, I'd be trying to book your theory asap, as it might take ages. You could always reschedule if your provisional isn't sorted in the interim.

Have to admit, I assumed that your provisional PCV was just your driving licence. Maybe best phone someone in the know. 

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