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Best way to watch the Dons

Guest AussieDon

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Guest AussieDon

I have just had broadband install at my home in Australia and I am wondering what is the best way to ethier watch or listen to the Dons.


I know about the internet football site that DAFC and DUFC etc have but they aren't showing todays game.


Any suggestions.


I will of course be signing up for Red TV but thought I would wait until next season, what are people opinion on this source.


Thnak-you in advance

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I might be wrong, but from abroad can you not only subscribe annually to Red TV?  ???  If so, why wait?.


Infact let me answer re reason to wait..... we have been playing shocking lately so maybe you would be best saving £19.99 and subscribing in August  :-\



Agree with Swaddon too!, either that and/or p*ssed!!

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Guest hatethehuns

try downloading ppmate and get p2p free games on there, do a google search for p2p football schedule and the first site you will get shows upcoming matches, starsports is good for prem matches and goal1tv usually shows spl matches, along with this weeks game, then huns v hearts after.

stand free

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