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Natural Selection


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I'm a great believer in the mannie Darwin and his theories.


Obviously there some anomalies like why do Huns exist, or indeed why do Huns think they still exist.


Then the major ones like why do women like shopping?


I mean, if the continuation of the species was what it's all about then they would like fitba wouldn't they?

( please bear in mind I used to be manager of Aberdeen Ladies and married the full back)



This thread isn't really about the obvious  but as I sit here knee deep in pistachio nut shells , the question that does occur to me is


Why can't I eat nuts that I have to shell in a dignified manner?




I grew up hating nuts, turns out that it's only peanuts I cannae stand.


I'm perfectly capable of nibbling politely at a bowl of cashews but give me something I have to shell then it turns into a frenzy.


Do I have to eat them to survive?

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I think it's because the Pistachio is actually a seed and nae a nut. But I could be wrong (I'm nae). So it's seed is protected. It's just the way it evolved via natural selection. Yer earlier pistachios offered nae protection to their seeds, and only the eens with the protective shell survived to give birth to yer later pistachios.


Question is, do we move beyond natural selection shortly? I reckon so. Better than jesus, that's us.

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