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Berlin larry driver

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Before anyone can state 9/11 was "exactly as it looked like", they must have examined all the evidence and discounted the many thousands of witnesses including the 3,000 experts who have offered scientific proof that the towers did not fall because of aeroplanes flying into them.


The Pentagon, Building 7 and the lack of land-scarring on the 3rd plane are also huge smoking guns that suggests it certainly wasn't exactly what it looked like, exactly what the presstitute complicit media would have us believe.

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I know we shouldn't generalise but arabs and their humanity needs examination.


Paris, Nice and now Berlin were attacks on innocent people during recreation.


By fanatics prepared to die doing it.


This is a culture that is so disgusting, the subjugation of women is enshrined. No wonder they're twisted.


The Americans are equally sick (in a different direction) but given how their country was built on similarly unjust gross offences to humanity, no wonder too.


We reap what we sow. It might take years, decades or centuries but the karma and the truth will always out, resonating morphically as it does.



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