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I'm lost we this one  :hammer:


I think the boy thought it would be interesting to catalogue sociopaths.


So I "pretended" I was one.


(Whew, that should throw em off the scent).


I agree that pathological conditions are interesting, if not tragic. Just haven't come across any recently.


Tell a lie. My wife and I did a shop at Sainsburys just now. I had said last week that I found Mackies ice cream boring, not that we eat much of it, a small tub would do us a year. Get Haagen Daaz or something different I said, not that I've ever tasted it but the daughters are coming home so some ice cream with the Xmas pud could be good. As we were walking towards the check out, we passed ice cream and she said "oh, that's what you wanted" and picked it up and put it in the trolley. How much was that, I asked. She said £2.25. I went back and from half an aisle away, I shook ma heid at her. Her reaction? She found it hilarious that she didn't know, had lied to me and guessed a price and had got it wrong and was pissing herself laffin at her own foolishness. It was £2.50 but she didn't ask and I didn't tell her but my lecture on the need to know the price before we buy fell on giggling deaf ears. She's a pathological fucking idiot if you ask me and I know she never asks for discount in clothes and feet retailers.

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Nah the boy was just raging after a pub incident on Sunday, regarding a guy who is just a fucking cunt as you would say.


I think I had a long story typed then thought better of it.


To vent is to cleanse - as no-one ever said;D


I think you'll find that you just said it!


I like that. It's a good een. Venting is cathartic. It gets rid. It does indeed cleanse.


Eminem cleaning oot his closet re his ma was close to the knuckle. Wonder if he feels better now.

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