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Saturday 20th April 2024:  kick-off 12.30pm

Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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Bloody hell :o

If I told the OIM I had dreamt that Aberdeen would take the lead twice against Bayern I would have been medivac'd to cornhill. Thats the thing about supporting Aberdeen one minute your suicidal and the next your dancing about like a lunatic.


Same again against celtic in the cup please guys ( fans and players)

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I was surprised as hell to see the entire game being played LIVE on ESPN in New Zealand. Fuckin dancer!!!!! First Dons match I've seen live for about two and a half years.


I thought Mackie was impressive. He seems to have gained the confidence to do little flicks and backheels that kept beating the Bayern defenders time and time again. Nae his fault that his fellow players kept straying into offside positions.


VERY impressed with Aluko and Walker. Aluko especially! ESPN gave him the man-of-the-match hands down. A worrying sign that McLeish was in the stands. I just hope he doesnae recall Aluko early after seeing this performance.


Langfield was impressive, and extremely unlucky with the rebound from the penalty.


One person I was very very unimpressed with was Severin. He did absolutely FUCKALL! For being the club captain and arguably our best player in his first and second seasons with us, he was virtually anonymous. The first time I even noticed he was on the pitch, the match clock was sitting around 75 minutes. If he can't get motivated for a match against the 7th biggest club in the world ... then we might as well cut our losses and chuck him on the transfer list in the summer.

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I thought Walker, Nicholson and Severin did a better than decent job against one of the most mobile, accurate, intelligent and attractive midfields it has ever been my pleasure to witness.


Seve had a the dubious honour of the task of being the more defensively minded of the 3 and anyone would have appeared to struggle in those circumstances. His passing at times though did let him down but the pressure was immense in the centre of midfield. I thought he did ok. 

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Yup am in agreement with TF here.


Bayern midfield was outstanding, Ottl was a class act. He sat deep, nailed absoultely every pass possible dictated tempo - defo their MOTM.


You cant appreciate the fluidity of the movement of Bayern through midfield fully on TV, It was different class. They just dragged us everywhere. Severin appeared anonymous because he was doing a graft shift - similar to a role we all took Chris Clark for granted for - myself included. 


Walker is still somewhat inexperienced and Severin on more than one occasion filled in the gaps left by Josh being out of position. Maybury and  Nicholson and our right side sewn up and I really hope we stay with them there.


Really cannot discredit Seve for Thursday am afraid - suffice to say if he had a shit game they would have been through us more.

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Perhaps it was just TV-fortune that he wasnae as prominent as you say he was. Much like the positioning of the microphones at Pittodrie over the Rangers fans, rather than in the RDS


Now, that is getting on ma tits. As much as Pittodrie ain't the cauldron of noise we'd all like, you do get the impression it's a fucking away game for us!

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Fuckin right! I'm watchin a game at Pittodrie. I dinnae want to hear the veritable ghost-town that is the "away end" when Hearts come to town with their two-and-a-half songs. I want the mics to be placed at either end of the ground ... one above the RDU and one above the Merkland end of the South Stand. I wanna hear the two ends of Pittodrie sing to each other ... it's a fuckin awesome sound when you hear it. Unfortunately, these days, you need to actually go to Pittodrie to hear it. Cos on TV, all you ever hear is the away end. They really should switch the cameras so they're pointing towards the South Stand. That main stand looks fuckin aweful on TV

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