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Valentine's poems at BBC Sport

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Here's my effort:




To Aberdeen on the occassion of their taking part in the last 32 of the UEFA cup:


Mon the Dons,

Don't let Bayern you fright,

Just keep it simple,

And put up a fight!


We'll maybe get beaten,

Or even get pumped,

But please try to play fitba',

Don't make every ball lumped!


JC - play the players

In their favoured position,

And maybe, just maybe,

We can beat this opposition!


We've done it before,

Though twas long ago,

Twenty-five years,

To Cup Winner's final did we go.


But living in the past's

Not all that great,

So do us all proud,

And create our new fate!


I love Aberdeen,

Do they love me too?

Lace up yer boots boys,

Show us what you can do!






I am the new William McGonagall   ;D

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