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Cup Semi on Santana Eire

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Aye, that's where I will be going. I speak to the boy that runs it as my RRR team took on the Copenhagen Celtic team that the pub sponsors and he organised cheap(er) drinks for abody. I'm pretty sure he's not a Dons fan but he has about 7 or 8 different tellys so he'll be able to put the Dons game on one of them!

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if its on tv somewhere there is a good chance you'll find it on www.myp2p.eu


I dare say it will be but I know of a boozer that's got Setanta and there's a couple other Dandies in there from time to time.


Problem is I could go there, find out it doesn't work, then miss the 1st half trying to get across the city to my gaff to see/hear the 2nd half.


Confirmation would be good Sharpie.    :thumbsup:

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What's the 'inro' button just so I don't look like a dickhead when I tell the barman to push it?!


The lad upstairs from me has just moved out his apartment and has taken his wireless network with him which I've flawlessly been using for the past 6 months.  Too short notice to get my own installed and the other networks in range are just too unreliable.  :hammer:


So I'm off to the pub which'll hopefully be showing it.


"One orange juice and push the 'inro' button whilst you're at it!"  :-\

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That's me whooshed!


Phone up the boozer and find out if they have an Irish decoder. I just called the boy at the Dubliner in Copenhagen and he does so I am laughing. Cannae fuckin wait noo!! If it's a UK decoder then I think you are out of luck.

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