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Patronising wee goes a minks

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Listened to the second Off the ball at 5.30 and the first caller was wee Patrick fae Glesca.


You might already have an idea of which team he follows.


What an absolute tit.


Laughed at the merest suggestion that anybody would have the temerity to challenge the tattie howkers and although he  was truly grateful that one of the diddy teams was putting up a bit of resistance, it is obviously only a matter of time before injury and suspension took its toll on the gallant losers.


Haud on, was he maybe not talking about his own hoops perhaps ?


Turned the radio aff and came down and watched Pointless. Relief



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Should have kept on listening as the comedy value just got better when we had a Victim FC follower coming on saying that he hoped the Dons won the SPL for the benefit of Scottish football.


Said he won't say it having a pre match pint in the Gallowgate but happy enough to put it out there on national radio.

Not really the sharpest tools in the box these bog munchers  ;)

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