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I'm looking for a route that can be done by bus for a piss up. In the past, we have have done Aberdeenshire going oot to Braemar - Ballater - Aboyne - Banchory - Aberdeen and we're looking to do much the same. Head oot in the morning, back into Aberdeen at night. Looking at Fraserburgh and then head to Mintlaw, Ellon etc. Can be either Aberdeen city or shire, nae fussed. All suggestions welcome. Anyone done anything similar?


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Right folks, I'm looking for ideas on a piss up (as the title would suggest). Keen to do some sort of (public) bus tour. Can either be city centre or the shire, I'm no fussed, all suggestions are welcome! I've done going as far out as Braemar and working your way back in via Ballater, Aboyne, Banchory etc and done that pubs on plenty of other occasions so looking for something a bit different.


I was looking at starting at Archibald Simpsons and jumping on a number 1 or 2 bus (whatever is suitable) and working your way down King Street, round Bridge of Don and back in. Only real 'must's' is that there are plenty of pubs to wet our whistles and that we can easily get back to Aberdeen!!


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Why a public bus?  You could hire one and visit some country pubs at your leisure.


Ach, then you're looking at it being more expensive and there will only be a handful of us. Maybe 6 at the max! Been oot to the country pubs and done it with Stagecoach which was certainly doo-able and was a great day out!

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