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Saturday 20th April 2024:  kick-off 12.30pm

Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

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The latest fascist bandwagon

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So I see the SNP are falling over themselves to criticise Farage's comments about the abuse he received last night.  It's a free world, people are entitled to express their opinions but would it surprise anyone if the abuse he received was in some way bigoted and racial?  (even though that seems to be what UKIP largely stand for themselves)

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don't know how many were arrested, but one of them was english, and undecided on indy ref.


There was zero bigoted element, and of the pro-indy people i know who were there, none are snp.


it's all very well having free speech, but the media have a responsibility to balance things. the bbc 10 o'clock news quoted farage saying it was all about being anti-english, and that was it. no countering that, just let it pass as if accurate and moved on to the next story.


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Farage didn't really do himself any favours on Radio Scotland this morning. His equivalent of Malcolm Tucker must be raging


soundbite can be found here




I really cant believe how pathetic David Cameron is that he is seemingly running scared of this guys party.


My main issue with UKIP is they remind me so much of the what the Nazi party was in the 1920s way before they got so far as mass murder. Mixture of smaller groups combine to one party in a country in financial turmoil, putting the blame on the rest of Europe and immigrants.

Disgruntled and desperate population votes for them on promises of wealth and prosperity eventually leading to an almost religious belief that they are something special whilst all the while their politicians and military are concealing the fact they are committing genocide.



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I can't for the life of me understand why Cameron and Milliband are scampering to the right because of these guys. The party is essentially one semi presentable business man who desperately tries to portray himself as an everyman with scores of nut jobs behind him. Their policies will be widely rejected and exposed as nonsense when put under any scrutiny and every week we discover another racist bigot being outed with a ukip rosette on them. By scurrying to the right and engaging them the legitimise their arguments and party.


On the up side while Farage's stunt will have boosted his popularity down south it emphasises the difference between the political mainstream north and south of the border which the expected ukip win in next years European elections will only further demonstrate which should boost the yes vote come September

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