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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Belgium Ticket News

glasgow sheep

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I'll be ok but looks like 1000s will be shafted.  Sure the Belgium police will be delighted there will be 1000s of ticketless fans wandering about Brussels


Dear Club Members,

Following the pre-match site visit to Brussels we will be receiving 3293 tickets which will guarantee all members on 3 – 10 points (inc.) initially.

This is the minimum 8% of the stadium’s operational capacity we are guaranteed as part of the protocol agreement between Group A nations.

It is lower than we’d hoped for and asked for because we know so many of you will be travelling to Brussels so please accept our apology that we’ve been unable to secure any more tickets on your behalf on this occasion.

We’d tried to negotiate for as many tickets as possible and at least a minimum of 5000 – 6000 tickets however, sales of tickets to Belgium’s own fans has exceeded their expectations and they were unable to commit to more at the moment.

The Belgians did suggest they could advise of possible, additional Scottish tickets on 10 October however, we informed them in strong terms this was too late due to the fact you would be travelling to Cardiff and impossible to manage in terms of allocation and/or dispatch.

We insisted they must inform us by 1 October as the final deadline if we are to receive any additional tickets.

We felt this was a fair and reasonable period that our team could still sell, allocate and dispatch the tickets and sufficient time for you to receive them.

We will of course advise of any developments/changes immediately.


Therefore, the ticket details are


3293 tickets at 30€ (£25) offered in sections A, B, I , J, K (Tribune 2)   


  Tickets will be guaranteed to SSC members on 3-10 points (inc) from

  10am on FRIDAY 21 SEPTEMBER to 9.59am on MONDAY 24 SEPTEMBER


• 2 pointers can join in from 10am on Mon 24 Sep (subject to availability)


• 1 pointers can join in from 10am on Tue 25 Sep (subject to availability)


• 0 pointers can join in from 10am on Wed 26 Sep (subject to availability)

If you are on 1 or 0 points please be aware it is highly unlikely we will have tickets remaining. Full schedule here

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Pretty poor after the Belgian FA posted on twitter that we were getting significantly more tickets.  Looks like they put off confirming the numbers until they saw how the home end tickets were selling.


The home end sold out pretty damn quick so I guess you cant blame them for trying to maximise the amount of home fans able to get a ticket.

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