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Kevin Muscat


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It really is a sad day for The A-League when the Melbourne Victory can allow a c*nt like Kevin Muscat to become caretaker manager of their club (even if it is only for one match).  It was bad enough that they made this creep their captain and now that he is finally unable to 'assault' any more players, instead of showing him the door and at least having some dignity, they have the further disgraced themselves as a football club.  Shame on you Melbourne Victory and I hope the Mighty Newcastle Jets get it right up you tonight.  :thumbsup:

Hopefully the new manager will get rid of the creep that is Muscat.  It is shameful that his career continues to go on when he has either ended the career or tried to end the careers of others in the past.  Do football a favour Muscat and just f*ck off!!

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The A-League's erratic.  Some weeks it's end to end and is enjoyable to watch and other weeks it is unbelievably frustrating and I'd say is the standard of the Scottish first division (despite Bosnich's claims that is on the same level as the top end of the championship).  When Billy Mehmet and Grant Brebner are still getting regular games, it's tells the true story itself. 

The sad thing is that the Newcastle Jets (The club I support) still get an average gate of about 9000 a week and can be up to 15000, playing a worse standard than the dandies.  Anyway, back to my original point....f*ck the c*nt that is Kevin Muscat and the horse that he rode in on!  Gives me the shits every time I see the prick in TV.  And it's not just cause he's a hun c*nt...he's just a c*nt!

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