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Aberdeen for Change

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Aberdeen For Change is an organised, collective group of supporters, seeking to reverse the current plight of Aberdeen Football Club.


The group has its origins on the Aberdeen-mad.co.uk message board.  There has been much talk on this messageboard in December 2011 about how to improve the fortunes of the Dons.


Aberdeen For Change is seeking to make the media aware of the common views of Aberdeen supporters.


By adopting constructive and credible discussion, we aim to bring about much-needed changes at the club.  These changes are focused on key areas including:








We are aiming to create a better future for Aberdeen FC and its supporters.  We will do this by focusing on what can be done now for the long term good of the club.


It has got to the stage that something has to be done and the fans deserve answers.


We are not in the 1980s like many think we are.  It’s 2011 and we are very aware of the financial climate that clubs operate in.  Aberdeen are currently in an endless cycle of failure.  We’ve won nothing for 15 years and are currently joint bottom of league.


It’s time for some changes and accountability.

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Good words but thats all they are at the moment.  I will wait to see what action and direction they give before supporting them, its all a bit vague so far and as rocket says who's behind this?  They say they want transparency from the board but not offering much themselves

Aberdeen For Change is an organised, collective group of supporters

So were the casuals its fair to say


Time will tell i suppose, lets hope they are the real deal.  I don't really want to see a repeat of the embarrassment of 32 fans with a bed sheet calling for the head of the manager when said manager was challenging for 3rd (or maybe fourth, cant remember off the top of my head  ...... certainly going for the euro place anyway) and had just won the 20 minute protest prior match.  Anyone any suggestions for what sort of strategies this group should potentially explore that might actually be effective?

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